Letters to the Editor – Readers defend the right to vote in Texas

Emilee Geist

Abbott thwarts voters Gov. Greg Abbott decided to make the upcoming election interesting by allowing only one Texas ballot drop-off facility per county. He has made it very, very difficult for thousands of Texans to turn in their votes unless they have read the research that says the mail is […]

Abbott thwarts voters

Gov. Greg Abbott decided to make the upcoming election interesting by allowing only one Texas ballot drop-off facility per county. He has made it very, very difficult for thousands of Texans to turn in their votes unless they have read the research that says the mail is still safe. Of course we can put a spin on all of this and say Abbott simply made a heroic attempt to help the oil and gas industry. Those with a different outlook might say that this is simply a desperate attempt at voter suppression by a man fearing the loss of his job.

Jerry Weiss, Dallas

I already mailed it

Every day it’s something else, and every day I write a letter to the editor but never send it. I am so angry. Now, Gov. Greg Abbott is suppressing our votes. We will have only one place to drop off our ballots in Dallas County. What’s he thinking? I already mailed my ballot through the U.S. Postal Service.

Isn’t it bad enough with all the turmoil going on that Abbott has to throw this into the fray? Has everyone lost their minds? We don’t need hurricanes to drown us — President Donald Trump and his cronies are doing a good job of that.

Bobbe Rubin, Dallas

I will not be deterred

Am I a victim of voter suppression? On Aug. 20, I sent an application for a vote-by-mail ballot. Three weeks later, I filled out another and sent it in since I had not yet received my ballot. Still, no ballot on Oct 6. I did receive a notice stating someone at my address may not be able to vote. I filled out the notice stating I had been voting from this address for 41 years.

Now, I’m receiving messages on my phone stating my Social Security card is being canceled. This is the card number I have used for 61 years. This 73-year-old, crippled blue dog Democrat will be on her walker waiting to vote on Oct.13. I have the right to demand a provisional ballot and I will. No one is going to suppress my vote. Victim, no. Informed and determined, yes.

Janett Young, Dallas/Oak Lawn

Fraud isn’t an issue

It is clear now that Gov. Greg Abbott is attempting to suppress potential voters in this year’s election. According to an article from The Washington Post by Amber Phillips earlier this year, of the states that currently utilize all-mail elections, none have experienced any significant level of voter fraud. Most see an increase in overall turnout because of the mail-in method, with no party receiving any benefits over the other. There is clearly no issue of fraud, so the question is: Why else would Abbott limit access to drop-off sites?

Abbott’s decision is forcing the hand of those unable to vote in person by limiting the drop-off sites, potentially discouraging the mail-in voters to not vote at all because they are unable to make it to the one drop-off location in the county. This order, along with the refusal to relax the requirements to vote by mail by the governor reinforced by the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, is a blatant attempt to disenfranchise American voters.

Skylar DuBose, Euless

This is suppression

My wife and I are in our 70s. She is blind. Voting in person is a tremendous challenge for her and a disruptive process at the polling place. So, we vote by mail. Because the Trump administration has put the fear in everybody about the reliability of the U.S. Postal Service and has inserted the probability (not possibility) of fraud, we wanted to drop off our ballots in person to an early voting polling center.

Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, however, has ordered that ballots can only be delivered to a single location in each county. For us, that means a 55-mile round trip. I opted instead to send my vote by registered mail ($11). This is not vote integrity. This is blatant voter suppression.

Let’s see how well Dallas handles everyone showing up at its single drop-off location. In the end, I suppose President Donald Trump’s party will invalidate any election that doesn’t give the GOP full control of all branches of government anyway, so maybe voting no longer really matters.

Stephen W. McCluer, Far North Dallas

My ballot was returned

Re: “Mail ballot errors persist in Dallas — Voters question county office’s ability to handle November voting, Monday news story.

A few days ago, I mailed in my November ballot per the instructions. A few days later, I received it back in my own mailbox. I caught up with the mail carrier and he said the sorter read the preprinted label on the back of the envelope with my name and address, therefore it was delivered to me. Nevermind the front of the envelope was addressed to the Dallas County Elections Department.

An article in The Dallas Morning News a few weeks ago said the county and post office had solved this problem. I guess not. There was another Dallas Morning News article Sept. 25 describing further problems with the ballot instructions.

It’s all very sloppy on the part of Dallas County Elections Department and playing right into the president’s claims that mail-in ballots are bogus. Dallas County is giving him one more thing to contest the outcome of the election and throw the country into further chaos. Dallas County needs to get its act together. Things are bad enough without careless and unforced errors.

Don Fortenberry, North Dallas

Let us vote

We are in the middle of a pandemic with a lot of uncertainty about voting safely. The early Oct. 13 start date gives people a wider range of dates to vote safely. Many other states have also opened up early voting already. It is shameful that the Texas governor would have even considered the reversal of this decision, which now has been upheld by Texas’ highest court.

Because of the pandemic and the incredibly mismanaged response, many counties are hurting. About 108 people in Texas died from COVID-19 on Sept. 30. This is not a trivial number.

Considering the COVID-19 numbers, the decision to reduce the number of drop-off ballot locations to one per county was not only reprehensible, it was downright irresponsible. I urge you, please, this is not the time to suppress votes. This is not the time to play games. Let Texans vote responsibly. #LetTexasVote

Sujatha Srikanth, Sugar Land

Frightening developments

Gov. Greg Abbott has joined President Donald Trump in attempts to disenfranchise voters during this pandemic and to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the Nov. 3 vote before it occurs.

I have voted in every election for the past 55 years and have never before felt that elected officials were laying the groundwork through baseless claims about the validity of the outcome. Why now? Are the president and our governor concerned that the balance of power will change and do they think by crying “voter fraud” that they will drive people from exercising their basic constitutional right?

I have never been so frightened about the well-being of our country and the integrity of its leaders.

Kathleen Gigl, Far North Dallas

Why make voting harder?

If voting is one of the most important rights of a citizen, why do the Republicans make it so difficult to exercise that right? Why don’t they make it easier to exercise and enjoy that important right?

Mac Hopkin, Frisco

I received 3 ballots

I’d like to thank Rep. Colin Allred for working to safeguard elections. But I’d like to ask what safeguards are in place to guarantee or reduce the limit of fraud in mail-in voting? I just received three ballots in the mail. It appears to me anyone can fill them in and return them.

What means are there of protecting the election from at-home interference? If one party or the other contests the results, how can the mail-in votes be verified to ensure a peaceful transfer of power?

Bobbie Keith, Garland

What about online system?

We live in America — the land of innovation. Millions of people pay bills via the internet. Can we not design and install an online system of voting equal to online bill paying? Even the U.S. Census has offered an online option in 2020. Our country needs to ask how can we do this better, rather than saying we can’t change.

Joe Sulc, Far North Dallas

Ensure our votes count

Republicans continue their voter suppression efforts even as the pandemic rages. For example, in Texas, in the midst of a pandemic, with limited mail-in ballots available and a purposely sabotaged postal system, Gov. Greg Abbott declares each county is only allowed a single ballot drop-off location.

It used to be that if a politician wanted to win an election, they had to support policies that the majority of the population wanted. Get more votes = win the election. Let the people vote. And let their vote count!

Cindy Hollocker, Richardson

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