Just 31 Great Storage Solutions From Target

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Store in style with these convenient products. We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate […]

Store in style with these convenient products.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

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A double-sided rolling shoe rack for the ultimate storage connoisseurs out there. This baby holds up to 30 pairs of shoes, plus the wheels let you flaunt your entire collection anywhere in the house with ease.


Promising Review: “I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this product, how easy it was to assemble, and how many shoes it holds. I had purchased two, but ended up only needing one because the rack was large enough for all of our shoes! Highly recommend!” —Target reviewer 

Price: $25.00


A two-cube organizer shelf that is perfect for the smaller rooms in the house. Its pleasant wood finish looks like you made it with your own two hands in your very own (garage) wood shop!


Promising Review: “This organizer is just the right fit for my home, a nice dark color, and easy to assemble. I ordered it online, and picking it up at the store was a snap!” —Target reviewer

Price: $27.00 (originally $30.00, available in three colors)


A three-level mobile storage cart to make rearranging and reorganizing as easy as storing loose items. And with clear drawers, you can know exactly where to find something before you even start looking for it.


Promising review: “Great and light. Easy to set up if you want the wheels on. But you can either put the wheels on or leave them off!” —Target reviewer

Price: $12


A three-pack of storage trays perfect for organizing smaller items in the kitchen, office, or bathroom. With the long design you can sneak these little guys into any tight space around the house. Go where no tray has gone before.


Promising Review: “These are perfect for organizing pens, pencils, highlighters, and markers in a drawer.” —Erika

Price: $2.00


A two-tier organizer with built-in dividers that will make short work of any disheveled area. Spaces for labeling on the bins and the dividers allow for storage precision.


Promising Review: “These are awesome! We have several of these on a bookshelf to help organize my daughter’s toys. These fit perfectly and are super easy for her to find stuff in.” —Bethany

Price: $19.89


A six-cube organizer shelf to allow total versatility in storage. Each cube has so much space that you can fit practically anything in them — not even counting on top!


Promising Review: “This is my third shelf in this style/color. I use them in my craft room/home office to stay organized. Easy assembly and very sturdy! Lovely color as well!” —Target reviewer

Price: $29.00 (available in two colors)


A fabric cube storage bin that’ll combine space-saving and decoration at an affordable price. They’re so cheap you might as well use these for all your compact storage needs around the house. With all the different colors available, you can tap into your true creative genius with placement!


Promising Review: “This storage holds a lot, and it’s durable with cardboard in the bottom, which makes it sturdy and easy to handle.” —Target reviewer

Price: $4.00 (available in 12 colors and patterns)


A rolling storage box you can also stack! No need to carry everything back and forth. Just roll the box with you!


Promising Review: “Great value. Very sturdy with a good amount of room yet compact.” —Target reviewer

Price: $8.00 (available in two colors)


An over-the-door shoe organizer with 15 pockets so your awesome collection of kicks takes up as little space as possible. It has different-sized pockets for other items as well!


Promising Review: “My partner uses this to have his students put away their cellphones before class begins, and the students like knowing that they can see exactly where their phones are. I use one to keep my crafting supplies organized and easily accessible.” —Malozing

Price: $10.00


A three-shelf hanging closet organizer to keep hats, shoes, and other accessories right next to your clothes. Ultimate outfit coordination alert! See the whole week’s looks right before your eyes.


Promising Review: “Bought this to hang guest towels in our guest bedroom closet. Works perfectly!” —Target reviewer

Price: $7.00


A two-tier fabric shoe rack because the steel frame will last forever, and the fabric shelves are a cinch to clean.


Promising Review: “It was very easy to assemble and holds 8 to 10 pairs of my shoes! There is ample storage underneath for small shoes as well.” —Target reviewer

Price: $10.00


A wire basket that is perfect for bathroom storage. It’s big enough to fit all of your hair and skin products, and the perforated frame prevents water from collecting inside.


Promising Review: “I absolutely love these baskets. I purchased them to organize a shelf in my kitchen, and I got both the small and large bins. They worked perfectly!” —Target reviewer

Price: $17.00


A double storage ottoman – it’ll blend right in to any living room. Stores everything in plain sight and looks great while doing it.


Promising Review: “I got this primarily so my dog could sit and people watch. It’s very sturdy and has good space on the inside. It’s a win-win.” —Target reviewer

Price: $70.00


A decorative woven rope basket that looks great anywhere in the house. It’s perfect for small items like books and coasters. Leave it open and a pet may hop inside, too. So cute.


Promising Review: “Love these baskets! I’ve been searching for some for my daughter’s cubical in her room. These ones not only look nice, but are sturdy and good quality.” —Katie

Price: $6.00 (originally $10.00)


A two-tier slide-out storage rack with fully removable shelves – it’s where portable meets practical, and it’s awesome.


Promising Review: “Bought two for under my kitchen sink, and they work wonderfully and keep everything organized. Would get more if they fit under my bathroom sink!” —Target reviewer

Price: $20.00 (available in three finishes)


A hanging closet organizer with a detachable hamper for those who imagine a home where all the dirty clothes stay hidden in the closet. Now, it can be yours.


Promising Review: “Love it! Sturdy and keeps things organized and streamlined with the laundry basket attached.” —Target reviewer

Price: $10.00


A fridge caddy with wheels so you no longer have to move stuff around to reach that bottle of hot sauce in the back of the fridge. Now you can just roll everything out — smooth as silk.


Promising Review:  “This is well made, functional, and versatile. It is the perfect height for those small niches in your fridge where things like yogurt or a block of cheese can hide and go unnoticed for months.” —Target reviewer

Price: $14.99


A two-tiered metal corner shelf to make the most of any nook and cranny in your home. Safely store mid-sized items out of the general line of sight so you won’t know it’s there until right when you need it.


Promising Review: “I use this for my little coffee bar, and I love it. I store my pods on the top and my syrups on the bottom.” —Target reviewer

Price: $14.00


A glass storage container with a wooden lid that’s perfect for coffee, sugar, or anything that’s better airtight. Something natural like loose-leaf tea would look great against the natural tones of the wood.


Promising Review: “These are my favorite containers, and they look so nice on my countertop. They hold my pre-workout coffee and power greens.” —Target reviewer

Price: $9.00


A lightweight storage container with a tasteful design that is the perfect combination of a bin and a bag. It’s a bin because of the significant space if offers and a bag because of its portability.


Promising Review: “I love this bin for storage on the linen shelves in my bathroom and in my walk-in closet. I also love the fact that the bins are malleable and not super rigid. They also have a great design. Glad that I purchased them.” —Patty D

Price: $6.00 (originally $10.00)


A tea storage container to keep your leaves fresh and aromatic. Plus, because of the label, you’ll never get it confused with coffee.


Promising Review: “It matches my coffee container, which is the same brand. It is simple and functions well. Both the coffee and tea containers have lids that fit well.” —Target reviewer

Price: $8.00


A soft storage chest because under the bed is one of the most convenient storage spots in the house. You just gotta protect your stuff from the dust that accumulates down there, which this bad boy will do with style and convenience.


Promising Review: “It’s been hard to find something low enough to fit under my bed, and this has worked great. I’ll definitely be buying more.” —Ashley

Price: $17.99


A glass penny jar that holds 64 ounces of stuff! Even though it’s called a penny jar, don’t be afraid to store other items in there. Candies look especially great.


Promising Review: “This is the perfect jar! I bought a bunch of these when redecorating my mom’s house, and it was perfect for things like dishwasher and detergent pods as well as dog treats and tampons.” —Target reviewer

Price: $6.00


A wide dresser to handle all the storage necessities for a bedroom or dorm room. It also has fabric drawers in a metal frame to prevent the friction that sometimes comes with wooden furniture.


Promising Review: “No problem with mine, drawers glide smoothly, easy to assemble. Perfect for socks and undies.” —Target reviewer

Price: $59.99 (available in two colors)


A contemporary wire bin that also serves as a table because storage is all about space saving. Make this already adorable item even cuter by filling it with stuffed animals. D’awwwwww.


Promising Review: “I was looking for a toy storage for my daughter’s room and came across this one. I love the style, and it can hold lots of toys, dolls, stuffed toys, etc.” —Target reviewer

Price: $30.00


A Crosley wooden record storage bin for all you vinyl collectors out there. Record sleeves look so fly — might as well store them in a container that looks equally as fly.


Promising Review: “Loved the album crate. It looks so neat and vintage in my office.” —Tonye

Price: $29.95


An equipment storage cart that’s perfect for the garage, entryway, or other large rooms in the house. You can fit an entire afternoon of recreation in one place. Also makes a perfect ammo bin for a game of family dodgeball!


Promising Review: “Awesome cart! I had so many ideas for how to use it but ended up using it for workout shoes and exercise storage. Love the black because it matches other similar racks in my home and doesn’t stand out. Building it was a breezy 20 minutes, and I’m not handy!” —Target reviewer

Price: $40.00


A magnetic wall bar for your kitchen knives to make your kitchen that much more organized. With this wall bar, your knives can almost become decoration too! Add some extra shine and some extra ~chef attitude~ to your kitchen.


Promising Review: “I just put it up, and I’m so happy. The magnets are strong, and it’s anchored firmly, holding my six primary-use knives, two steak knives, and the kitchen shears. Word to the wise: Compare the template to your actual product. If I hadn’t, the anchoring screws would have been off by 1/8 inch. Whew. It’s easy to install, but please check the template.” —Femme du Chalet

Price: $54.99


A two-door woven accent cabinet that is tall, wide, and shallow. Perfect for tucking against the wall and storing similar-sized items like books, CDs, video games, and Blu-rays.


Promising Review: “I took a chance hoping this was the right shade to match my new bedroom furniture. It matches perfectly! Solid piece, great quality.” —Lynne

Price: $250.00


A storage organizer – it’s so bright and colorful your kids will get just as excited about cleaning up as they will about playing. All the bins are removable so the shelf itself is basically an art project.


Promising Review: “Absolutely love this organizer for my toddler! Very sturdy, great color scheme, and keeps things organized. Also, great value!” —Target reviewer

Price: $69.99 (available in two colorways)


A wide-weave drawer tower to add a huge amount of space in a cute package that’s perfect for your quaint household.


Promising Review: “I bought this for my son’s play area in our living room to store and organize his toys, and I love it! It looks great and works great. Better than the see-through plastic ones. Great design.” —Target reviewer

Price: $25.00

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