Jump Like a frog to Strengthen Legs

As always legs remain in second place when we want to offer attractive training exercises that will help us improve the state of the legs. Generally when we leave aside the legs when repair work them and not in them what we do is slowly make our body is disproportionate and build further some places than others. So this time we want to show a simple exercise, it is the frog hop exercise.

As the name suggests, the frog in a year in which we adopted the movement mimics the motion of the frogs to move, i.e. emulate the jumps this year that this animal is with its legs when walking distances. Surely more than one for this exercise is simply a funny way of walking, but it is more than that, and it will help us to strengthen the legs without even realizing and differently.

Performing Frog Hop Exercise

To perform this exercise simply need our own body and a bit of agility, because the position required the time to get to perform this exercise is not simple, but rather a complex position that for many can to be uncomfortable. It is therefore necessary that we have previously performed exercise and count with a range of skills that allow us to control the most of our body and the various movements that it will perform.

Placement must be in squatting, so that imitates the pose of a frog when you jump. The legs should be parallel spaced plants and feet flat on the floor at all times. The back should be down, so we allow the trunk is straight and your head high and eyes forward. Hands should be separate and should also put your arms straight up the inside of the legs.

From this position we must make a jump propelling with the legs. That is, we must imitate the leapfrog forward in order to put to work the legs as we move in this way. You need to perform a series of thirty jumps that we can carry out on site or moving us.

It is always important that we return to the initial position when performing the jump, because we will thus complete the tour of the year and will agree as expected in the worked. With this exercise we will achieve will be to work the leg power, as we are putting to work muscles like the quadriceps and hip flexors in addition to indirectly affect on the abs.

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