Increases your Testosterone

Testosterone is the main hormone that interacts with skeletal muscle, having direct and indirect effects on the growth of the same. It can promote the release of growth hormone in the pituitary gland, with the consequent stimulation of protein synthesis in muscle. You can also interact with neuronal receptors coming to improve the production potential of strength and muscle mass. Its secretion is produced in the testes in men and ovaries and the adrenal gland in women.

There are many studies which have been increases in the concentration of testosterone in men peripheral blood during and after many types of high intensity aerobic and weight training. The aerobic intensity of high resistance may cause a marked catabolic response from the tissue, so that increases in testosterone levels may be due to the need to synthesize proteins compensate for the loss thereof, whereby the aerobic usually does not induce the increase of muscle mass. In fact oxidative stress may promote a decrease in muscle mass to optimize the transport of oxygen into the cell.

There are a number of variables that can increase testosterone levels in the blood:

  • Exercises with large muscle groups: after protocols with multi-joint exercises like the deadlift or squat increases total testosterone concentration in blood.
  • High intensities: 85% -95% of 1RM
  • Training volumes moderate-high: several sets and exercises.
  • Shorter recovery periods: 30s-1min. 2 years or more of experience in weight training: mechanisms occur adaptation to exercise that increase the basal levels of blood testosterone concentration.
  • Diurnal variations: in man testosterone values ​​are higher in the morning to go down gradually throughout the day. In women there are little fluctuations in testosterone levels throughout the day.
  • Age: young males have more total testosterone and free testosterone than older men.

Testosterone response in women

The concentration of testosterone in females is 15 to 20 times less than in men. No study has been able to show an increase in testosterone levels after a weight training session. May vary baseline testosterone levels but always as an individual characteristic and genetics and not in response to a particular workout, so that this hormone is immaterial as to its relation with the weight training relates in women.

Adaptations of testosterone to training

Experience and training time are very influential factors on testosterone levels at rest and after exercise. In adult men saw major increases in testosterone when the exercise protocol was appropriate, i.e., several series of high intensity, short rest and muscle mass participation right.

One study showed that in the course of two years of training, including elite lifters had increases in testosterone levels and also resting on the concentration of follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone which are regulators brain more important in the production and release of testosterone. Thus increasing the concentration of testosterone den promotes neuronal adaptations that enable the production of improved strength in strength athlete trained and highly power.

Products that “increase testosterone”

There is a long substance on the market that are sold as natural anabolic asserting that may increase testosterone levels by stimulating the production of either the same or acting as precursors of steroid production. All these benefits are completely unfounded, but the advertising of these products seem very convincing.

Testosterone is produced in the body from cholesterol. So pure butter, which is rich in cholesterol, could be sold justifiably as a steroid precursor, although we know that by providing more cholesterol to a healthy diet does not mean that increase testosterone levels because the body and cholesterol produces smaller amount which is necessary for the production of testosterone. Butter theory can be applied to natural anabolic.

There substances such as androstenedione or other sapogenins known that the precursor steroids are capable of producing testosterone in chemical laboratories, but not in the human body because they lack the necessary enzymes. Other products are contaminated with anabolic steroids disguised way to get the desired effect. Boron, which some manufacturers to increase testosterone levels by 300% in less than 14 days, you can actually have the opposite effect and decrease the levels of testosterone, the manufacturer argued interpreting the results in a study of postmenopausal women.

We hope that this article will have become clear that there are natural and inexpensive to increase our levels of testosterone, free play us our pocket with products of dubious benefit to our health or whose adverse effects anabolic steroids and by far outweigh the benefits, Despite reaching the dangerous popularity in the world of weight training, flooding a bad name and we practice healthy and natural way, which of course we are a majority.

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