Increased Muscle and Fat Loss

We often hear that increase muscle and lose fat at the same time is not possible. However, this is not true, since many people have changed their physical appearance, gaining muscle mass while losing fat.

Actually you can build a significant amount of muscle with calorie deficit. At least this is what a new study suggests 7.4 kg of fat lost and more than 4.3 kg of increased muscle in 14 weeks.

This study conducted by the Academy of Sports in the United States was interested in the effects on body composition of a training exercise combining fitness and strength, with a group of overweight men (rate of 27% fat).

The men were divided into two groups and were trained 3 times a week for 14 weeks. A group “100% resistance” made bike and walking (30 minutes per day for each activity, i.e. 60 minutes in total), 60-70% of maximum heart rate.

The other group “fitness-resistance” was subjected to resistance exercise (8 exercises, 4 sets per exercise, 8-12 repetitions per set, 60 second rest between sets) in one workout.

The results were impressive: in the “fitness-resistance” group fat loss of 7.41 kg was obtained, registering an increase of 4.33 kg muscle. However, not everyone can record such rapid progress and that for several reasons.

First, the men in the study were all beginners, and we know that beginners wanting fast muscle when they start working with weights and dumbbells. After this state of beginner, progress is slower and muscle gains are increasingly difficult. In addition, these men were overweight, so had a lot of fat to lose.

The fatter they are, the more you lose fat quickly, you do little exercise. People with a physical and a rate of weak starting fat, lose less and less rapid.

Expect a significant loss of fat (7 kilos) and earn at the same time a good amount of muscle (more than 4 kilos) in just 14 weeks, is not a realistic goal, especially for an athlete with a physical type 12% fat.

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