Increase Intake of Amino Acids for Greater Muscle Growth

It has been shown that amino acid supply to the muscles, just before exercise, facilitates the absorption of these nutrients in your muscles that will shape your biceps. New research shows that eating a snack, rich in protein before exercise, with little resistance training with short rest periods and high volume, maximize your efforts to increase muscle mass.

Eight young and adult subjects ingested a snack rich in protein composed of egg whites (15 grams protein, 18 grams of sugar) three hours after eating. Sixty minutes after ingesting the protein snack, subjects performed arm curls and extensions for 15 minutes.

Speaking of an intense workout for your biceps! They exercised their arms non-stop for 15 minutes run, so you should use low weight. The subjects lifted and lowered the weights with a count of three seconds up and three seconds down.

Two groups performed the same exercise, but in different ways. A protocol consisted of a large number of series (HL, 9 sets of 15 reps) with long intervals (10 seconds) between each series, the other group performed a resistance exercise with low weight (LS, 27 sets of 5 reps) with short intervals (3-4 seconds) between each set. Thus the difference turned out that the low weight group (LS) performed exercise more often and with more rest periods than the other group.

After ingesting the protein snack, intermittent fluctuation in blood volume, which was higher in muscle tissue during the course of the exercise carried out by the LS group had a greater effect on the use of nutritional components (BCAAs, glucose) in the blood.

The researchers suggested that training with light weight, which is a high volume of blood pumped to the muscle tissue more often proved to be a more effective exercise to increase the consumption of amino acids in muscle and greater use of nutrients in the muscles.

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