Incline Bench Press Exercise

Bench Press Exercise Completion

  • Lying on the incline bench at an angle of about 30 to 45 degrees and separate the legs slightly resting your feet on the ground. The hips, shoulders and head should rest on the bank.
  • Grasp a bar with grip prone. Hands should be somewhat more open than the width of your shoulders.
  • You descend the bar to the upper part of the chest, take air and retain the breath when rise the weight toward the starting point. Directed elbows to the sides and maintain as well.
  • Breathe out as you overcome the most difficult part of the climb or extending the arms.
  • Halt in the final position with arms extended and vertical tightening the pectorals.
  • Take a breath and hold mid-air to lower the weight under control to the upper chest.
  • Take air and repeat the exercise. It avoids the “rebound”.

Bench Press Exercise Tips and common errors

  • As always, elevate your feet to avoid forcing stress on the lumbar area. Typically, the bank has a footrest bar.
  • The most common errors are: raise too much support from the bank, pushing with the lower part of the back and raise your shoulders.
  • Do not expel them air in the initial phase of exercise. If you do so, the chest has a tendency to fall, which weakens the muscles responsible for pushing the bar upward.
  • The in this exercise (as in all breast) is to avoid as far as possible the cooperation of the anterior deltoid and triceps. For this to remove the body weight can raise the sternum and chest, leaving the shoulders back.
  • It is an excellent first chest exercise especially if you fail the upper chest. Try to make between 10 and 15 repetitions.
  • As this movement works a lot the front deltoid it will cost you to work with weights large if you have weak these muscles. If you want to improve your pres inclined also must work the deltoids.

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