How to Select Good Calorie Supplements

The calorie is ideal for very thin people who start training or athletes and spend calories during workouts and practitioners of any martial art that is used both to earn a good amount of weight or energy drinks. Thanks to its composition general carbohydrates a combination of high glycemic index, high biological value proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals and other nutrients. Some brands possess omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids are polyunsaturated essential fats for our health and must be present in our diet.

Ectomorph that most are characterized by low weight and difficulties to gain muscle mass, because their metabolisms are fast and burn calories more intense, also found in the dense an aid to develop hypertrophy, but always remember that after reaching an ideal weight could be replaced by the whey protein and calorie dextrose because these can cause some accumulation of fat.

Upon buying a supplement to check

Saturated fat

  • Saturated fat is the type of fat that do not want to consume, but some products are very high in saturated fat and that is a clear sign that a product is inferior bar, generally a portion should contain no more than 5g to 10g saturated fat.
  • Also check how much fat the product is composed of saturated fat, if the product has 20g of fat, of which 5g are saturated is within the range, without embarking 18g if do not tend to be a good sign because it means that almost all saturated fat is causing much of the earnings are composed of fat.


  • It is also important to check the content of cholesterol in the product; you should never choose a product with more than 100mg of cholesterol per serving.


  • There calorie sugar that are filled to increase calories and improve the taste but it is not beneficial either for health or results in training, the ideal is that the batter has a minimal amount of sugar and we are talking about 30g of sugar or less.


  • Good dense should contain 20 to 50 g of protein per serving, and then those containing amounts smaller than this amount are not desirable.

Relationship between proteins and carbohydrates:

  • As a general rule, a good proportion of protein and carbohydrates in calorie should be at most 1 to 2, for every 1 gram of protein is needed to have at least 2 grams of carbohydrates then if the protein content is higher than it will probably be more calories than necessary one.

On taste

  • Normally you will have to take 2 to 3 servings a day to have good mass gains, and thus, there is no problem in choosing a supplement that is palatable so personnel search options and consult with friends and professionals could be a first step.

Technology for quality weight gain

Some formulas contain complex carbohydrates that provide a constant source of energy with the best protein from hydrolyzed whey protein and CFM (subject to a process of cross-flow microfiltration of high technology to extract high quality protein for muscle growth), CFM whey protein provides higher levels of branched amino acids essential for building muscles, also provide creatine, thus maintaining maximum muscle strength for longer and providing a faster recovery.

Increased caloric intake is essential for gains in body weight and muscle mass, but without complete digestion and assimilation of these macronutrients necessary, you can get the most anabolic, then to overcome this problem a system of patented digestive enzymes called Tri-Anabol-peptide to provide the precise amount of certain enzymes to digest protein, carbohydrates and fats quickly and completely.

The Tri-Anabol-Peptase is designed to ensure rapid and optimal digestion and improve bio-availability for maximum anabolic nutrition muscle, in addition, this enzyme complex bioengineering eliminates common stomach discomfort and swelling, there are also other products that contain potent activating agents of nutrient absorption speed shooting enzyme producing an increase in lean body mass.

Some supplements also combine the best quality protein to grow and recover along with micronutrients such as Omega 3, 6 and 9, medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) and a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals to flood the body with anabolic nutrients needed for explosive gains lean muscle mass.


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