How to Run the Bench Press

The bench press is arguably the most famous bodybuilding exercise. You may have heard many times the question of how much lift in the bench press. This exercise is a reference for anyone who trains with weights, and is the most complete exercise for the upper body.

Here are some quick tips you can increase the load on the bench press before you had thought:

1. Use an appropriate charge for your strength

To lift larger loads you have to start training the muscle and not the ego. Instead of trying to lift loads so high that not even she can do the exercise, try to put a proper weight, so you can make the necessary number of repetitions without sacrificing your health. Trying to lift a weight you can not stand, not only grow faster, but also, it may be to get hurt.

2. Train your triceps

The muscle triceps is the assistant principal during the execution of the bench press. A weak triceps is synonymous with a weak bench, because if an error occurs before the bar down to your chest, you can not make any repetition. You must pay close attention to training in the position of the triceps. This is as important as the care you put into the position of the arms and chest. And besides, a good tip: work your triceps, preferably with two or more days apart than those in which the chest get off work, and if this can not be working all day. What not to do is to work your chest and triceps on consecutive days.

3. Pay attention to the distance of the hands when grasping the bar

A more open grip more shoulder work, and a tighter work more triceps. The compromise between the two is the perfect grip in the bank. Find the perfect distance can make you work harder and better the muscles during exercise, which will generate more power and better results. Remember that the best position and best grip depends on the complexion of each other, since no one has the same width as the back and arms.

4. Do the exercise on your own

Having a training partner is generally beneficial, but sometimes it helps us both when we are in the gym without it, we do the exercise properly and we do not even notice. Moreover, when you’re alone, to make sure to do the right things lower the weight if necessary.

5. Put on correctly in the bench press

It is a truism, but a slight variation in the placement in the bank (which we do many times, especially when we are novices) can make a big difference during the exercise. Stand on the bench so that the eyes are in line with the bar, keep your feet on the ground and back flat on the bench. Never let your feet on the bench, because that way your body will remain too static during the execution of the exercise and will increase the risk of injury, in addition to reducing your performance.

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