How Are These 60 Dope Things So Cheap On Amazon?

Emilee Geist

Sometimes, cheap products online can be a little iffy. I’m usually really into the price — but the product itself might be questionable and unnecessary. That isn’t always the case, though — especially with the affordable Amazon products on this list. They’ll have you wondering, “How are these dope things so cheap?” […]

Sometimes, cheap products online can be a little iffy. I’m usually really into the price — but the product itself might be questionable and unnecessary. That isn’t always the case, though — especially with the affordable Amazon products on this list. They’ll have you wondering, “How are these dope things so cheap?”

Let’s just get into some of them because you’re seriously going to want everything here. I’ve found a Revlon hair dryer with a diffuser, smoothing nozzle, and everything you’ll need for shiny hair — all for under $20. And how about a bamboo cheese board with compartments? No more questioning where to place which crackers for an Instagram-worthy display. Grab it for under $25 and effortlessly style an aesthetic charcuterie board that impresses your friends.

I’ve even found a set of stunning satin pillowcases for $10, a handheld vacuum for $15, a pack of cooling eye pads with a daisy pattern for $8, and so many more — including the comfiest cloud slide sandals that you’re going to want to wear everywhere.

You won’t have to overthink any of these cheap purchases. When they arrive on your doorstep, you’ll be seriously impressed but also feel like you had a little win that day.

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This Rose Gold Set With All The Makeup Brushes You Need

Replace your mismatched makeup brush collection with this matching rose gold 14-pack of makeup brushes with a storage case. It has everything you might need for face makeup, eyeshadow, brows — it even has a lip brush. Plus, no plastic handles here; these brushes are sturdy with sleek black wood handles instead.


This Supportive & Washable Pillow For Your Bathtub

Have an excuse to take an even longer spa bath with this machine-washable bathtub pillow that has a little hook to help it dry out after each bath. This supportive pillow is adjustable — and to avoid slipping while you relax, it has suction cups on the back. It comes in three calming colors: gray, white, and blue.


An Easy-To-Install Stainless Steel Shower Shelf

Add this floating shower caddy to your bathroom (or even your kitchen) without worrying about rust, because it’s made of waterproof stainless steel. Its elevated design won’t clash with the vibe of your bathroom decor, and it has a simple adhesive application. This little shelf holds up to 20 pounds; choose from black or silver.


This Microfiber Duvet Set That’s Easy To Wash

This lightweight microfiber duvet set comes with matching shams and is machine washable. Plus, you can prevent your comforter from sliding or sticking out of the bottom with the duvet’s hidden zipper. People love this set with over 16,000 five-star ratings. Plus, it comes in 12 colors ranging from simple white to sage green.


These Cooling Gel Eye Pads With A Daisy Pattern

This gel eye pad set comes with two eye pads and two under-eye pads that can be frozen or heated. The outer plastic cover is BPA-free and latex-free, and the inner gel is non-toxic. Need a spa night after staring at a screen all day? Choose from four patterns and give your eyes a rest.


A USB Book Light That’s Easy To Charge

If you ask me, the best part about this LED book light is its USB charger (because who wants another cord in their never-ending pile of chargers)? Simply remove the USB cover and plug this book light directly into a USB outlet. It also illuminates both pages of your book, bends 360 degrees, twists 90 degrees, and has two brightness levels.


These Handmade Mason Jar Wall Hangings

Display these handmade mason jar wall hangings in your home or at your next party (I’m getting major wedding vibes). With glittering string lights and cream hydrangeas, this glowing decoration comes in gray or brown and two sizes. Plus, the lights have a timer setting, so you don’t have to remember to turn them off.


A Color-Changing Showerhead With A Filter

Have a colorful party in your shower while also filtering your water with this LED shower head. It’s quick to install — don’t worry, there are no tools involved — and the unique design saves water. Change the LED color and find your perfect water pressure with three settings.


The Fluffy Throw Pillow Covers In Over 20 Colors

It’s almost impossible to pick a color of these faux-fur throw pillow covers with 23 shades, including tie-dye and ombre. (Yes, tie-dye.) They have a hidden zipper, and don’t let their fluff fool you — they’re even machine washable. They come in a matching set of two and have plenty of sizes to choose from to fit your pillows.


Throw Pillow Inserts With A Fiber Filling That Stays Fluffed

Don’t have an extra throw pillow for those fluffy pillow covers? Grab this two-pack of square throw pillow inserts that won’t flatten out because of their siliconized fiber filling tucked into a soft poly-cotton cover. These pillows have over 69,000 five-star ratings. One reviewer wrote that they’re “the best throw pillows I have ever purchased in the last 58 years.”


These USB-Rechargeable Lighters With Safety Features

You can stop throwing away lighters with this two-pack of electric lighters with LED displays, because you can charge and keep using them. Keep your hands away from the flame with the bendable arm and turn on the safety button when you’re not using it. It automatically turns off in seven seconds; choose from four color pairings.


An Ice Tray With An Icebox & Scoop

This ice tray set was made for your next party because it makes large square ice cubes — perfect for cocktails — and comes complete with an icebox and scoop. This set is made with food-grade polypropylene and even includes with a lid to help avoid spills.


This Airtight Food Dispenser For Pantry Organization

Stock up on a few of these airtight food dispensers to organize your snacks in your pantry while keeping them fresh for up to 45 days. These are perfect for cereal, snacks, and even rice or dried beans. Plus, you can quickly grab your snacks when you’re running late. Choose from red, white, silver, or black.


An Indoor S’mores Maker Kit That Holds Your Chocolate

This indoor electric s’mores maker kit is made with stainless steel, and it’s even BPA-free. Do I need to say more than “indoor s’mores maker?” It comes with two stainless steel forks for roasting marshmallows and a little wraparound tray to store all of the s’mores necessities. When you’re ready to clean it, the trays are detachable.


A Stainless Steel Splatter Screen With Extra-Fine Mesh

This 304-grade stainless steel splatter screen saves you from those terrifying oil pops — and at 13 inches, it fits on most pans. The extra-fine mesh traps oil, and you can confidently grab it with the heat-resistant handle. It’s also dishwasher safe — because who wants to hand-wash something greasy?


The Microfiber Cleaning Gloves For Your House & Car

These microfiber cleaning gloves shouldn’t scratch your car or furniture, and they come in a four-pack. Choose from three color options and get to dusting. The glove design lets you clean spaces you can’t usually reach, and one reviewer even raved about how these make the chore of dusting houseplants easier.


This Easy-To-Use Batter Dispenser With Measurements

This batter dispenser with a dispensing handle, written measurements, and a valve that prevents leaks is the best for pancakes and more. Each dispenser holds 4 cups of batter and makes everything a little less messy no matter what you’re baking. One reviewer wrote, “Finally, a kitchen utensil that saves time, mess, and frustration!”


One Measuring Cube To Replace All Your Measuring Cups

Instead of pulling out different measuring cups and spoons, this measuring cube has 19 measurements. This little cube has individual slots to measure cooking and baking ingredients. Plus, it’s made from food-grade material. One reviewer wrote, “Easy to store, and it saves space since it has so many measurements.”


A Pack Of Compressed Reusable Facial Sponges For Travel

These facial sponges come in a pack of 50 for only $10, and the best part is that they’re reusable. They arrive compressed, paper-thin, and travel-ready. Once you add water, they puff up for the perfect scrub. Extracted from wood pulp, these exfoliating sponges even come in a rainbow pack.


A Reusable & Biodegradable Towel For Grease

Cut down on paper towel usage with this organic cotton reusable towel specifically designed to soak up 20 times its weight in grease from bacon and other fried food. It can be washed — and if you ever need a new one, it’s biodegradable. There are also so many reviewers raving that it works better than paper towels.


A Set Of Five Waterproof Blushes In One Compact Container

This five-pack of waterproof powder blush is in a convenient all-in-one case that also has a mirror and a brush. The colors include orange, cherry, pink, peach, and coral. One reviewer wrote, “Great design for storage, and travel! The colors are everything that I would use on a daily basis.”


This Pack Of Oil-Absorbing Sponges With So Many Uses

These sea turtle sponges come vacuum sealed and puff up when you’re ready to use them. They soak up oil and have so many uses, such as for cleaning or floating around your pool to soak up the oil on top of the surface. Choose from white, blue, or multi-colored.


An LED Night-Light With A Light Sensor

Choose from four styles of this LED night-light to match your decor, including vintage, sleek silver, and even a color-changing option. This night-light is UL-certified — and it has a light sensor, so it turns on and off by itself. Plus, it has over 15,000 five-star ratings.


A Body Scrub With Salicylic Acid & Rice Bran Wax

Exfoliate your skin with this salicylic acid body scrub that also includes rice bran wax. The crystals in the scrub help smooth your skin before or after hair removal (or anytime your skin needs a little extra love). It also doesn’t contain artificial fragrances, parabens, or sulfates.


These Comfy Slides That Are Also Waterproof

You might find yourself wearing these waterproof slide sandals everywhere, because they’re lightweight, have thick and comfy soles, and come in so many colors. Plus, they’re nonslip. Choose from 10 shades, including neutrals, pastels, and even leopard or tie-dye.


A Stainless Steel Roll-Out Drying Rack For Your Sink

This food-grade stainless steel drying rack is BPA-free and rolls out over your sink. You can dry dishes or produce from your farmer’s market haul, and even rest your hot pans on it. When everything’s dry, simply roll it up and tuck it away.


This All-In-One Wall-Mounted Tooth Brush Station

This toothbrush station holds up to five toothbrushes and four rinse cups, and it has a little slot to dispense your toothpaste onto your brush. Plus, it has a holder for other small bathroom essentials. This station sticks to the wall and comes apart to clean up any stray toothpaste.


A Portable Starry Night Light That Works Via USB

This USB night-light is small enough to carry with you and projects multiple light displays wherever you are. The best part is, the charging cord is attached and plugs into anything USB compatible. That way, you can even have a light show in your car.


A Wall-Mounted Shampoo Dispenser To Help Declutter Your Shower

With this silicone shower dispenser, you don’t have to find spots in your shower for your shampoo and skincare bottles anymore. The dispenser mounts to your shower wall with waterproof adhesive, and the silicone material won’t rust. It has three containers for the products you’re constantly reaching for, and it’s easily refillable.


These Blackout Curtains With Celestial Cutouts

These blackout curtains have moon and star cutouts that let enough light in to cast a magical night sky scene in your room. Don’t worry — they’re still blackout curtains with three layers of fabric to block out the light that doesn’t contribute to the starry scene, and they help reduce noise. Choose from four sizes and 12 colors.


These Velvet Scrunchies With Zippered Pockets

You can grab this six-pack of velvet scrunchies and leave your bag at home, because each scrunchie has a zipper pocket. The pocket wraps around the entire scrunchie, giving you the perfect place for small items like cash, lipstick, a house key, and more.


A Clear Plastic Organizer That’s Easy To Clean

Store your makeup or anything else that needs a little organizing overhaul in this plastic organizer that’s BPA-free, chlorine-free, and complete with rust-resistant metal knobs. The plastic makes it easy to wipe for makeup spills, and the clear drawers let you see all of your newly organized things. Choose from six colors.


A Hanging Toiletry Bag That’s Water-Resistant

You can avoid spilled shampoo in your suitcase with this water-resistant hanging toiletry bag that’s complete with elastic straps to keep your bottles secure. The hanging hook is nonslip, and four clear pockets hold all of your products. The polyester shell is also padded, so the bag holds its shape on your vanity. Choose from five colors.


This Makeup Remover Balm Made With Vitamin E

Simply massage a little scoop of this makeup remover balm until it turns into a glossy oil. This balm with vitamin E helps remove all of your makeup — yes, even eye makeup. Don’t worry over the word “oil.” This formula is non-greasy. Choose from the remover or a makeup remover eraser stick for touchups.


A Quick Fruit & Veggie Peeler That Peels, Cores & Slices

You can peel, slice, and core fruits and veggies without pulling your cutting board out, all thanks to this cast magnesium peeler and corer. With a vacuum base that suctions to your countertop, it shouldn’t slide around while you’re preparing your produce. The blades are made of durable stainless steel, and the chrome-plated winding rod is rust-proof.


This Egg-Shaped Egg Peeler That’s BPA-Free

Make your weekly meal prep a little more efficient with this BPA-free hard-boiled egg peeler that will seriously make your life easier. It’s dishwasher safe and peels eggs with water and a few shakes of the container. This little egg-shaped meal prep helper comes in two sizes to fit three or five eggs.


A Soap Dispenser For Your Sponge

Get through the dishes faster with this dish soap dispenser that dispenses dish soap directly onto your sponge. The dispenser holds 13 ounces of dish soap, is easy to refill, and has grips on the bottom to help avoid slippage. Finish washing and have peace of mind that your sponge is quickly drying in the sponge holder.


A Tiny Vacuum For Your Tabletop That Charges With A USB

This handheld vacuum can last for three hours on one charge with its USB charging port. Clean your desk, kitchen counters, keyboard, kid’s craft table, and more. It’s features nylon brush bristles, a quiet vacuum, and a removable cover to empty and clean. Choose from green or gray.


A Silicone Facial Set For Cleansing & Exfoliating

Use this silicone set of four lip exfoliators and two facial cleansers with your favorite lip oil or face wash. Each exfoliator brush has multiple textures and bristles for your unique skincare routine. You can use it for cleansing, exfoliating, and even an at-home facial massage.


This Pack of Cord Organizers With 3M Adhesive

You know that nest of cords under your desk? Organize all of your chargers and have them within arms reach with this three-pack of cord organizers that have strong 3M adhesive backings. These organizers come in eight colors and a few five-packs. Stick them anywhere and hold any cords under 7 millimeters.


A 3-In-1 Emergency Safety Hammer For Your Car

This three-in-one emergency safety hammer was developed with care safety in mind. The pointed metal hammer can break car windows, and the bottom has a seatbelt cutter attached (it’s hidden within the handle, though). Keep it in reach with the strap that attaches to your visor. Not into pink? It also comes in blue.


A Silicone Foot Scrubber That’s Gentle On Your Feet

Wash, massage, and exfoliate your feet with these soft silicone foot scrubbers that suction to your shower or bathtub. With multiple silicone suction cups, you can scrub your feet are remain sturdy. The best part is that the soft silicone is gentle on your feet and your skin.


This SPF-50 Sunscreen Infused With Hyaluronic Acid

This SPF-50 sunscreen has hyaluronic acid in the formula for two skincare benefits in your morning routine. Many Reviewers rave that it doesn’t go on greasy, and one reviewer wrote, “It feels more like a serum moisturizer rather than a sunscreen.” It currently has over 1,400 five-star reviews.


A Bamboo Platter For An Organized & Aesthetic Cheeseboard

This bamboo platter makes laying out an aesthetic cheeseboard simple, thanks to two levels and two compartments. (You can also choose the slightly larger version for more space to be creative and three compartments.) Both are made of non-absorbent and odor-resistant bamboo. It also comes with handles and a nonslip bottom. Basically, you need it at your next party.


This Minimalist Desk Pad That’s Simple To Clean

Protect your desk and make your workspace look a little more polished with this polyurethane leather double-sided desk pad. It has 11 reversible colors and three sizes, so you have space for all of your work essentials. It’s waterproof, oil-proof, and easy to clean for your lunch break. Plus, it doubles as a mousepad.


These Stainless Steel Tea Infusers That Attach To Your Mug

Pack your favorite loose-leaf tea into these reusable stainless steel mesh tea infusers. This two-pack is under $10, and each one has a closing clasp and a hook to secure it to your mug. The set even has over 10,000 five-star ratings, with many customers saying that the infusers “work well.”


These Fragrance Spheres That Smell Like Red Raspberries

Stick these raspberry fragrance spheres anywhere you need an odor-neutralizing moment and shake the jar for a scent boost. They’re small enough to tuck away behind towels in the bathroom or next to shoe boxes in the closet. These scented beads last for up to 30 days and shrink up when you need a new jar.


The Slim Wooden Organizer With An Included Phone Stand

This slim wooden organizer includes a drawer, six deep compartments for pens or makeup brushes, and a little bunny-shaped phone holder. It’s effortless to put together with an interlocking system of wood pieces and elastic rings instead of metal hardware. Choose from wood tone, pink, or black.


This Mini Food Processor For Everyday Cooking

Pull out this mini food processor that can hold up to three cups for weeknight cooking. It’s BPA-free, has stainless steel blades, and is dishwasher safe when it’s time for after-dinner cleanup. The best part: It has a patented design that doesn’t involve fussing with a twist-lid.


A Stainless Steel Knife Sharpener For Small Kitchens

Polish, sharpen, or even repair your kitchen knives with this stainless steel knife sharpener. You can choose from coarse or fine sharpening. It has a nonslip bottom that’s angled to fit on the corner of your table or counter, and it comes in four colors: black, gray, green, and red.


The Answer To Organizing Your Underwear

This set of four closet organizers has every compartment you might need to organize your underwear or other small clothing items. Made of soft non-woven fabric, they slide into your drawers and fit together. The smallest compartments are perfect for socks or underwear and the larger ones for bras. Choose from seven colors.


These Silky Satin Pillowcases In So Many Colors

Replace your cotton pillowcases with these 100% microfiber satin pillowcases that don’t tug your hair while you sleep. This two-pack is under $10 and has a zipper-free envelope design that keeps your pillow securely tucked inside. Plus, flip them inside out, and they can be thrown in the washing machine.


The Colorful & Insulated Holders For Your Hard Seltzer

Grab these BPA-free stainless steel insulated drink holders for any 12-ounce can; you can keep your seltzers or drink of choice cold for up to 12 hours. They come in glitter, leopard, pastels, and pretty much any other color you can think of. Maybe grab a four-pack for your friend group.


A Water-Resistant Facial Cleansing Brush

You can speed up your routine with this water-resistant cleansing brush that comes with two brush heads. Dread washing your face at the end of the night? This brush removes your makeup and also cleanses with the help of your face wash. Choose from two speeds if you want a deeper exfoliation than normal.


These On-The-Go Hand Soap Sheets

You can keep these packs of hand soap sheets with carrying cases in your bag — because if you ask me, there’s nothing worse than using a public bathroom that’s out of soap. With water, one sheet turns into enough soap to wash your hands. They come in four scents, or you can grab a mixed four-pack of them. Each pack has 50 sheets.


A Travel Makeup Mirror With An LED Light

This travel makeup mirror has two magnifying options, including one-time and 10-times magnification. It even has an LED light so you can easily see to match up your eyeliner. Tuck it away in your makeup bag or carry on, and choose from pink, blue, or a mixed pack of two.


These Sealable Caps For Your Canned Drinks

These reusable bottle tops for canned drinks attach to your can and reseal your drink like a plastic bottle. They come in a multi-colored pack of six, so everyone can claim a color at your next party. One reviewer wrote, “It’s leakproof and holds the bubbles when resealed.”


A Pack Of Reusable & Biodegradable Dishcloths

These plant-based absorbent dishcloths are reusable over 300 times and make me forget about my paper towels. They absorb 20 times their weight, can be washed in the dishwasher or washing machine, and are completely biodegradable after you get a ton of cleaning days out of them. Don’t worry: They dry quickly and are odor resistant.


An Embossing Label Maker For Your Next Organizing Moment

Grab this handheld embossing label maker with 49 characters and get to labeling. It doesn’t require batteries or charging, so that you can carry it with you and label things on the go. Plus, it has an easy-to-use design for all of your home or office organizing projects.


This Impressive Hair Dryer That Includes A Diffuser — All For Under $20

This hair dryer has a diffuser, smoothing nozzle, cold setting, heat and speed settings, and ionic technology — all for under $20. Yes, for real. With the ionic technology, you’ll get volume as well as shine. Style your hair and then lock it in with the cool setting. It has over 7,000 five-star ratings.

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