High Performance Pilates

Despite the myths and not always right about Pilates is doubtful whether one can speak of a high performance training composed entirely work-spaces to improve athletic performance.

The high performance is also related to the notable improvement of training, fitness and sports competition, all related to nutrition, injuries, sports psychology, besides the basic component of fitness such as strength, speed, flexibility, strength, body composition and overall health of the athlete.

With all these parameters can then be said that Pilates is high performance training, and is a recommended method for those without elite athletes seeking to be fit and harmony with your body and mind.

Then let’s start by clarifying that Pilates is clearly a system of physical conditioning, with a series of exercises designed to strengthen and tone the muscles, also improving posture, increasing flexibility and balance.

Joseph Pilates, the creator, said in 1934 that the “balance between body and mind is the basis for perfect physical and mental health” is the right combination and coordination between these aspects that allow the individual to obtain peak performance with an expenditure of physical and mental energy minimum.

Pilates can strengthen the body’s core area thus achieving greater control of it and strengthening the muscles that stabilize body deeper principles necessary in almost all sports.

In recent years elite athletes have incorporated Pilates into their routines discovering that improve your athletic performance and prevent sports injuries, becoming the first athletes that used this type of training dancers through it discovered that could significantly improve performance.

High performance is also linked to the methodological rigor of a different nature to the athletes themselves and Pilates not only work the superficial muscles pursued but also the deep and teach its practitioners to feel your own body and learn to handle it properly.

Pilates, a safe, recommended for all ages and provides cash benefits of stretching, strength and control with regenerative effect that makes it an ideal method for all kinds of sports.

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