Gold for Routine Chest

Start as it could not be otherwise, with a pectoral. Under the bench press, a bar with twenty kilos on each side, and serve warm blood to reach the muscles dramatically.

Once it has reached pouring, continue under the bench press making four series with few repetitions and the maximum weight that you can enter. Remember to run with good technique all steps of a good exercise for weight lifting without harm you.

Second, once you have completed this first exercise bench press, automatically pass to another pres; the top press with dumbbells. Since the first we have already made with bar, it’s interesting to run this second press with a different tool, so that the body is surprised every time.

The worked area corresponds to the upper chest, which is probably the most aesthetic of all. Third, apply a good session starts flat dumbbell. They are intended for external chest part and therefore are responsible for it to expand outward.

We will exercise flat bench with your heels in on it to avoid the usual tonnage of the column that always lead to injuries. Probably your muscular congestion is by now absolutely brutal because of press will realize opening up as well as four sets of low reps and heavy weights.

And fourth and finally, if your world has not disappeared, grab the pulleys and make some crosses to finish your work of art. In this case, four sets realize but more than in previous repetitions and with less weight.

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