Get Big Shoulders

Get Big Shoulders: Lateral Raise

As we advanced, the complete cycle of shoulder elevation with another exercise, this time side to add mass to the outer part of the deltoid.

Actually, that’s the key part of the shoulder, since it is the most widely noted. At the end of the day, provides wide and is not overshadowed by the chest as in the case of anterior deltoid or back, as in the case of the posterior deltoid.

As in the front elevations, it comes to handling a free weight in an exercise that works a much localized area. Contrary to what happened with the bench press or dominated, working the big muscles and do not distinguish, on which muscles are involved, the opposite occurs in the side elevations.

Lateral raise

The essence of the exercise is the same as the front elevations. However, in order not to fall into the monotony and repetition, we vary the form of execution, while retaining its purpose.

We will take a flat bench on which we lie down in prone (face down) and leave the arms hanging, each at one end of the bench. At the height of where we are the hands, place the weights that we will use, avoiding travel unnecessary. Once we have settled the body on the bench, take the dumbbells with your hands, and leaving soil uploading slightly airborne.

From there, we set our minds to fix their arms as if the elbow does not exist, and high, laterally thereof. The place is finished uploading one in our arms and back are aligned (approximately).

Do not worry if you do not handle very high weights, as it is a very valued and restricted exercise, due to the position in the bank. Once you have reached the top, holding down back in the fall to keep the tension. Avoid completely down so your arms are relaxed. This would be a mistake.

Muscles involved

In principle, due to the use of the bank, rather restrict the possibility that other muscle groups into play. However, it should be noted that due to its proximity, the trapezius muscle reactions, at the top, to the execution of the exercise. This is something inevitable. In this case, does not mean that evil is running.

Most common errors

By using a flat bench, is done with the ulterior motive that if you run up, are more likely to swing back in a last attempt to lift the weight. While lying down, this possibility is reduced, and the arching fact the weaker side.

No doubt this is a highly recommended exercise. Have no problem when including it in your regular routine, as the shoulder, not acknowledge its presence too. If you want to add muscle and have round shoulders as coconuts, without any discussion, this is the year to beat.

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