Gain Weight to Increase Muscle, Its Dangers

A recurrent view among those who practice bodybuilding is to what extent it is desirable to gain weight increase muscles or commonly called “bulking phase”.

There are those who defend the idea of gaining weight during part of the year will help the athlete to gain more muscle mass and lose fat accumulated after a theory that should be applied during the summer.

However, there are those who claim that this methodology does not have a scientific basis to support it and to gain excess weight may jeopardize the health, especially since there are many examples of athletes like Olympic gymnasts or rugby players who have good muscle and do not use this system.

Most sports nutritionists say that an excessive intake of nutrients, even if they are of good quality and in the right proportions, will not generate greater muscle growth, nor would increase the performance.

According to these experts can not create muscle mass overeating just because the body uses the nutrients you need while the rest will not transform into muscle mass but fat or fluid retention, with the aggravation that excess weight creates resistance insulin and long-term situation actually hinders muscle gain.

Moreover, the insulin resistance causes a harder fat loss and therefore gains more weight when more cost losing fat deposits. When more weight is gained is increased production of an enzyme called aromatase that converts testosterone to estrogen, not to mention the side effects that may be caused.

Being overweight also affects the performance of the thyroid making it harder to lose stored fat, specific studies exist that attributed to increases in abdominal fat to lower conversion of thyroid hormone and it is therefore important to always maintain proper hormonal function level.

It is also recalled that the less fat stored in the body the better the performance and utilization of nutrients or what is the same, those athletes with lower body fat have a more effective system when storing glycogen and muscle, regenerating damaged tissues and storing training therefore less fat.

Finally, both the heart and joints always suffer with excess weight with an important feature to consider is that when it comes to losing that fat will need to start running a high impact activity to which they are subjected knees , hips, ankles and spine also increase the risk of injury.

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