Foods to Pay More in Each Workout

Get the biggest and best performance in a training sport depends on each athlete has to do both your overall fitness as well as food. Therefore, many athletes consume certain foods to pay more in each workout.

For example, the caffeine helps the body get more energy from fatty acids, protecting the reserves found in the muscles, delaying muscle fatigue. It is ideal to consume a cup of coffee fairly strong but not more than that because you may suffer as a counterpart of tachycardia.

The raisins are an excellent choice because it contains carbohydrates that help you get better performance and those who consume them have the same level as those who take energy gels, because the short chain sugars raisins have the power to reach the blood quickly and provide an instantaneous energy.

Instead of eating fruit is more effective to drink the juice of these since the body assimilates better sugar containing (glucose and fructose). In the case of sports drinks that contain these ingredients replenished easily, quickly and efficiently as energy reach the blood much faster than water, thus preventing the body’s energy reserves are spent.

Creatine is totally pure provides zero calories, unless it contains in addition to sugar. Therefore, if there would be pure in principle problems that consume a diabetic.

However, before consume creatine as any other type of supplement, it is advisable to consult your doctor and do on their own, whereas in sports activities of long-lasting its effects are almost not noticeable, as you can see in those needing short and intense force periods as weights.

There are cases in which specialists recommend creatine supplementation in vegetarians who have a deficiency of this substance for not eating meat and fish.

Finally, a study has been published in the Journal of Exercise Physiology reports that athletes who took creatine supplements performed better when they did their training in full sun as her body temperature rose about 3 degrees lower than others that were given a placebo.

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