Helping to Increase Muscle Mass

Foods for Helping to Increase Muscle Mass

At first time, you should eat a balanced way to have a good base. Then you must check that protein needs are being met. When you eat either a fish or meat, or two eggs in one of the two main meals of the day, always add some milk.

You should also consume one sufficient amount of carbohydrates at each meal to promote insulin release. This hormone facilitates the entry of carbohydrates into the cells, allowing energy reserves are recharged before.

It also acts directly on the synthesis of new cells, since it stimulates the production of proteins mechanisms. Therefore, do not neglect fats, since they are an essential constituent in the manufacture of “cement”.

You can eat butter (a maximum of 20 g/day), at breakfast, for a contribution to vitamin A, olive oil (1 tablespoon per person per day) at noon, and wheat germ oil (same amount) or rapeseed oil, rich in omega 3, at the next meal.

Vegetable oils will bring different types of fats that the body does not know how to manufacture and which are essential for healthy development.

Vitamins and minerals must be provided on a daily basis. For this, you must eat fruit at each meal, vegetable or two main meals a nutritional supplement, in case you can not eat them for any reason.

Products to increase muscle mass, contain all these elements in balanced proportions. Therefore, these are particularly suited for athletes looking to take the most effective in a simple way.

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