Five Rules to Survive in the Gym

At this time of year, many of those who decide to get in shape doing some exercise. Showing off at the beach or doing too ridiculous can be some of the main motivations, but it’s funny how this sporting attitude is stationary and is given much more in areas where there is more sunlight.

Tips to Survive in the Gym

If you are a beginner, here are five basic rules to survive in the gym:

  1. Always wear proper equipment – Sports shoes are not casual and bottled water to hydrate constantly. It is a towel for training and one for the shower. Plastic flip flops for the shower slip and antibacterial soap. Good music on your iPod…
  2. Trust the experts – Because of the large number of existing qualifications in the world of physical activity, it is easy to find staff without the necessary skills in the weight rooms of sports centers. So, get the facts of the training of workers before putting in your hands. Remember, the customer is always right.
  3. Less is more – If you are a beginner do not forget this rule. It is very easy to get to over-training in the first few weeks if you do not plan well your progressions. Try to do the exercises in a proper way and never reaching muscle fatigue.
  4. Food and rest – Three or four sessions a week is enough. Remember it is a distance race, not a sprint. Rest well, 8 hours is enough, and follows a balanced diet. Supplements are not necessary if you follow this rule properly.
  5. Balancing cardio and muscle – Often overlooked among the two parties, so we must always keep in mind those are equally important. With increasing cardiovascular work got caloric expenditure, reduce weight, eliminate toxins, promote venous return, develop heart muscle and prevent injuries. With muscular work got strengthen connective tissue and develop specific physical qualities, we promoted bone development and mold the figure.

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