Femoral Harder

We must say that the hamstrings muscles are exceptionally aesthetic since the leg provides exquisite roundness. There are many exercises to train the hamstrings specifically. But we know more than enough to carry out a good hamstring workout plan.

Its designation as biceps femoris is due to its resemblance to the biceps of the arms. The way to develop good femoral is the routine that we have below.

Femoral machine

The femoral stretcher is the most famous and traditional for these muscles. It has always worked on the stretcher and its effectiveness is well proven. You can start doing long runs. For example we go to five series of some fifteen minimum repetitions. As mentioned on occasion, legs increased workload need to be used to move.

Dead weight

With an extensive bar will place great weight to the side and will make the same motion as the exercise of “good morning” to lower back, only this time keep your legs straight and you’ll notice the “pull” in the femoral region.

We will also about five sets of twenty or twenty repetitions. Never bend your knees doing this exercise because then you will be working other muscle groups and to a lesser extent the hamstrings.


In some gyms you can find a chair that rolls that push your heels down, used to work the hamstrings. It’s a very comfortable chair and hamstrings work on this machine is more than good. Therefore, if you are the lucky ones who have such a machine in the gym, do not hesitate to use it.

Realize also other five sets of twenty reps. Follow this routine and in less time than you think your hamstrings will look round and drawing strong legs and strong aesthetic really.

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