Exercises for Biceps and Triceps

The constant practice of bodybuilding exercises, reaches exaggerating muscle quickly, if you know the techniques proper to each one of them. Bodybuilding means, the systematic practice of gymnastic exercises to develop muscle group.

Weight training for arm will be divided into weight training biceps and triceps. The two muscles have to be made in an appropriate manner by all bodybuilders who wish to achieve symmetry in your body.

The following are exercises that have proven most effective, being the most recommended by most bodybuilders should be adopted in all routine.

In position Scott sitting on the bench, holding a barbell in the right way and then bend your arms at the same level of both elbows, and then return the bar to its original position but without dropping it all at once. This exercise will work the biceps may in its entirety. Bodybuilders more experienced, they should do this exercise with flexion and extension of the arms of a very slow manner.

In a lying position holding a dumbbell vertically, rest your arm on the thigh to the same elbow and flex the arm until it is achieved and then lift the weight off properly until you return to the starting position, the only movement does the arm should not be done with the help of body sway. It can work the biceps in its entirety.

In a sitting position with a dumbbell in each arm, bend one arm while the other extends alternately. The dumbbell should be held as a hammer with which training will be achieved much more intense in the lateral region of the biceps. The back should be straight at all times.

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