Different Ways to Use Weights to Lose Weight

We know that when you lose weight not only to aerobic exercise, because the weights are also useful to increase lean body mass, stimulate the metabolism and lose weight healthily. Today we show you different ways to use weights to lose weight:


With this type of training that an exercise for a muscle group and then, without rest, another exercise for another muscle group, have the additional advantage of demanding more fuel than traditional aerobic pathway exercises with weights to eliminate rest periods.


With a minimum rest between exercises or stages of the circuit but steadily and soon, we can make a circuit composed of different exercises with weights that also increase energy expenditure and rely more than usual to the source via aerobic energy.

Compound exercises

If we combine thrash with an upper body will be mobilized most of the body, bringing more energy expenditure and heart rate, very helpful for weight loss.

Few repetitions, and weight or low weight and high repetitions

The first case, the increased caloric expenditure will be given by the intensity of exercise and long term, increased muscle mass, while in the latter case, the motion will call on the via aerobic energy source by focusing on the duration over intensity.

There are many ways to use weights to lose weight and achieve well, less loss of muscle mass while lose weight, a lower risk of rebound effect, more tone and less sagging and easier to lose weight healthily, therefore, not forget the weights in your weight loss goal.

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