Diet and Bodybuilding

Diet and Bodybuilding

Those who have found in bodybuilding a form of manifestation through very elaborate physicists, are well aware that to achieve the desired results, it is essential to strike a balance between physical activity very intense, inherent in this discipline, and at the same time healthy and balanced diet. 

The selected foods are important in this regard. For example the meat is a source of multiple benefits such as vitamin B6, zinc and iron. But not any kind of meat is recommended in the diet of a bodybuilder, but one that has very little fat.

Following this line of choice, pork is considered by specialists as very beneficial since most of their cuts have little fat. In turn, the fish is recommended to include in the diet because it was found that regular consumption helps reduce the risk of heart attacks.

Among the most recommended is the salmon and fresh tuna because both contain large amounts of protein, rather than a bodybuilder needs and fundamental contribution to your diet. For those who are over the line of vegetarian diets recommended is tofu, important source of iron, zinc and vitamin B6.

On the other hand any bodybuilder seeks to gain muscle mass and lose fat and so you must combine properly both their training and their food. A proper diet for bodybuilders must be made by 60% carbohydrates, 30% protein and only 10% fat.

The daily menu shall be divided into five meals a day and diet will always be supplemented with a vitamin and mineral daily.

A proposal for bodybuilder’s diet would be:


  • 100 gr. cereal with yogurt
  • 1 piece fresh fruit


  • Toast 2 slices whole
  • 4 slices turkey or chicken breast


  • 200 g spaghetti accompanied with lean ground meat (chicken, turkey, beef) and a tablespoon of tomato sauce.
  • Salad greens with tomatoes seasoned with 1 teaspoon olive oil and 1 teaspoon lemon juice.


  • 30 gr. whey (in the form of powder shake)
  • 20 gr. nuts (walnuts, almonds)


  • 200 gr. white or blue fish
  • 200 gr. made of steamed mixed vegetables

Before and after training is necessary to eat a banana to provide potassium to the body and taking creatine, the amino acid responsible for muscle fiber regeneration. Both creatine and protein shakes whey are ideal for increase muscle.

Ideally, the builder consult a specialist to design a diet that suits your physical characteristics, also mindful that to increase muscle mass without fat balance is between a proper exercise routine with proper weight and a balanced diet is rich in protein, no fat and healthy nutrients.

It is also necessary to note that if what you want to increase muscle mass but without fat, it is necessary to balance a weight training routine and a balanced diet rich in protein, but always with healthy nutrients and without fat.

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