Define the Quadriceps

Bodybuilding or fitness is sports where you have to train hard to be a good physique. However, there is no further gain muscle. The shape and proportion are necessary if you want to improve and that others recognize your efforts and hours of dedication in the gym.

A marked muscle or muscle group is the goal of cracking the game, an ingredient that gives the image of a good finish. We all have some part of our body that is displayed in a special way: a resulting serratus, biceps that are marked up and down or some chest well defined, etc.

But one detail that will help us improve our physical is to define our quadriceps. We can also show it without being in a bodybuilding competition scene, just with shorts, leggings or a swimsuit. We talk to mark the quadriceps and show slits separating the different muscles that form. If you manage them you will have this additional quality that makes worthwhile all occurrences.

What does having a cracked thigh and why do you need?

Unless of you are exceptional individuals do not have. However, are essential to show off some impressive quads. The cracks between the different muscles that form the quadriceps are a feature of modern bodybuilding. But how will they get? One of the determining factors for these cuts is to remember that you can not impress anyone if you have a lot of fat. Adipose tissue obscures the muscular detail. Even if you developed the adductors, will not be if the top layer of fat.

The diet is the way to lose that fat, so reduce the consumption of food in about 300 calories a day. Change your eating habits and add whole-grain products, vegetables and fruit, lean meat and fish. The empty calories, such as chips, sugar, butter, margarine, sauces, cream, juice, jam, fruit in syrup, candy, cookies, candy, chocolate, gelatin, soft drinks, cheese, cereals with sugar, the dressings, ketchup, ice cream or any prepared foods limited.

It is quite possible that you have massive legs; typical of “just do squats,” but if we do not have the adductor developed. We can not do a pose of legs cracked.

Exercises that will help us achieve splitting the quadriceps

Squats are essential to gain size and strength, but the legs also need definition. In addition to extensions to give depth to the separation of the front of the quadriceps, are also very good strides with low weight and high reps to highlight the adductors.

To cut the legs a principle that we must respect is the variety, even modify the classic exercises like squats to improve the definition, one of the exercises that can help is the sissy squat. It is done not with the barbell on your shoulders, but with a puck in the chest, support is on the toes, we lean back until we were in line with the angle of the thighs bringing the knees to the ground and rising again.

Another trick to make the quadriceps is to practice the poses classic bodybuilding competitions, isometric work will help us mark the rows. And remember that a key part is the level of body fat, muscles are very easy to control if they are surrounded by fatty tissue. Put yourself in front of a mirror with your feet together, but one before the other. Now bow down to the front foot by relieving pressure on the thigh. Perhaps not much happens the first time, but perseveres. Soon you can display a cracked thigh.

If you want to impress with your quadriceps involved one or two of these exercises in your routine of legs. If you are going to participate in a competition converter practice sessions of the adductor poses in a custom.

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