Controversies Metabolic Acidosis

When food is consumed, they have the potential to produce an overall acidic or alkaline body which mainly have to deal kidneys, renal excretion liquid acidic refers to the total amount of acid produced the kidneys must process and in a simple protein-rich foods that tend to increase renal acid load, as does sodium in relation to potassium intake.

In contrast, fruits and vegetables, in combination with potassium-rich foods tend to decrease this liquid acid renal excretion and have an alkalizing effect on the body, which means that with an excess of acid-forming foods in an unbalanced diet the number based food producers, metabolic acidosis may occur that occurs when you consume a modern diet that includes a lot of protein and high sodium intake without lots of fruits, vegetables, and potassium (this creates a sub-clinical metabolic acidosis) .

However, a small increase in the level of the body’s metabolic acidosis may have a number of negative health effects, which also involve changes in hormone levels for athletes, in all cases to ensure that this does not happen is because be supplemented by vitamins and minerals right, a sufficient intake of staple foods (fruits and vegetables) to balance the acid formed by the excess protein, one of the keys to avoid the problem.

Both the terms of bone health and athletic performance, any athlete that combines a high-protein diet including lots of fruits and vegetables to offset any negative effects should be a basis for planning a nutrition plan, using a salt potassium or sodium salt mixture / potassium to ensure a balance of modern diet is not a bad idea.

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