Consider Whether Your Muscles Grow Measuring Body Circumferences

A good reference that our body is changing with the training is to observe changes in the mirror or how clothes fit us, but also, we can apply a simple strategy and a little more objective to assess if the muscles are growing: measure body circumferences.

With a tape measure, ideally flexible but inextensible, i.e., that it does not stretch easily, we can measure the following body perimeters to assess changes in different parts of the body. We show how to take measurements:

  • Relaxed arm circumference: mark the midpoint in the distance between the shoulder and elbow, i.e., between the acromion and the olecranon. Then we take the perimeter by placing tape over the mark with the arm hanging relaxed at your sides.
  • Forearm circumference: taken with the relaxed arm and palm up and the perimeter is taken with tape measure 6 inches or less of the elbow, on the forearm or on the site where it is the maximum circumference of the muscle.
  • Chest measurement: takes on the mark mesoesternal, in the middle of the body at the height of the fourth rib, at the end of the normal exhalation.
  • Thigh circumference: taken when standing with weight evenly distributed between both legs and tape 1 or 2 inches is placed below the gluteal fold.
  • Calf circumference: the maximum circumference of the calf measurement locates and there, standing flat on both legs is performed.

Remember that measurements should be made ​​with the muscles relaxed and preferably on the dominant side is usually the right, but can also record the perimeters of both sides.

While sight or settling clothes we can see or feel the changes in our body, these simple measures of body circumferences we can objectively assess whether the muscles are growing.

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