Like many of us, Coco Austin spent the recent holiday hanging out with her loved ones, and of course, documenting it on Instagram. She shared the gorgeous decorations hanging around her house, her Thanksgiving meal, and, oddly enough, footage of her 6-year-old daughter, Chanel, teaching her grandma how to twerk.

The video was only on Coco’s story for 24 hours, but it managed to earn her plenty of backlash. “It’s kinda sad a 5 year old knows what twerking is….jus sayin….” one user responded, as reported by The Sun. Another person added, “I can’t say shit. I’m from the south, we been twerking since birth. It would make me a hypocrite if I was to judge her. But she shouldn’t have posted it online, knowing how people are.”

The video doesn’t exactly feel sexual, but people were still upset to see someone so young perform a dance move that’s routinely sexualized in the music industry and beyond. In the past, Coco has also been criticized for allowing her child to get acrylic nails and wear high heels – some have even gone as far as calling her a “bad example.”

The 42-year-old seems to be completely unphased by the haters, continuing to share whatever content she sees fit. As it just so happens, today is Chanel’s sixth birthday, and both Coco and her husband, Ice-T have been showing lots of love to their little girl on social media. 

“I can not believe its been 6 years since I gave birth to this cutie… She went from a baby to a kid in a blink! She’s still petite though..34 pounds! I can still hold her..Happy Birthday @babychanelnicole,” her mom wrote alongside some adorable portraits.

In his post, Ice-T said, “today is @babychanelnicole’s 6th Birthday! I’m sure alotta you remember the day she was born… Time flies… Happy Birthday baby.” See the cute moment below. Happy Birthday Chanel!