Coronavirus Transforms Dallas’ Nerd Culture

Emilee Geist

From underground, to mainstream and now online, the world of roleplaying has had many cultural roles through  the years. It has recently come into its own, with celebrities playing and communities growing up around one of the most iconic examples of the genre: Dungeons & Dragons.

Dallas has a robust roleplaying culture based around Common Ground Games, 1328 Inwood Road in the Design District. This previously stigmatized hobby has become a jumping off point for friendships and a whole community — that is before the coronavirus swept into the city and forced in-person games to shut down.

“There are people playing online … but I can definitely tell that for a lot of people that’s not how they want to do it,” said Common Ground Games owner Jamison Sacks. “There are definitely a lot of people who are like ‘When I can play in the store again, I’ll play but

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County considers raising roads to skirt flooding near Sultan

Emilee Geist

When the rain falls and the Skykomish River rises, people living along Mann Road suddenly become islanders.

Flooding from the river and its tributary creeks and streams can make stretches of rural Snohomish County roads, including Ben Howard and Mann, impassable.

They’re located just outside of Sultan’s city limits, but the environment doesn’t necessarily recognize municipal boundaries.

“The impact to residents out on Ben Howard and Mann Road during flooding is something we certainly feel,” Sultan Mayor Russell Wiita said.

The Daily Herald has published plenty of stories about water over Ben Howard and Mann roads. In 2008, firefighters used a raft to rescue a man having a medical condition from a flooded home. In October 2019, emergency responders rescued someone from their vehicle. The road was closed again this February because of flooding.

Snohomish County has a plan: elevate a few locations of the road and install culverts so

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How to spice up staff meetings, Part 1 – News – MetroWest Daily News, Framingham, MA

Emilee Geist

Wow, there is nothing like a good weekly staff meeting to get the creative juices going and the work intensity flowing.

I bet that as your reading this column you’re thinking fondly and nostalgically about last week’s meeting and you just can’t wait for the next staff meeting coming up in just a few days. Oh boy, it will be fun, exciting, inspirational and an altogether great time!

Oh, your staff meetings are not like this. Don’t feel bad, neither are anyone else’s.

We all know that staff meetings are an important vehicle for coordinating team activities, informing your staff about critical company information, and as a way to build team cooperation and cohesiveness. So if they are so important why make them a necessary evil rather than at least a pseudo-interesting experience. The following ten ideas can help you make your staff meetings a little more tolerable and maybe

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Start-ups need to factor in the cost of cybersecurity

Emilee Geist

text: Hence, many venture capitalist and private equity investors have started appointing cyber experts to carry cyber risk assessment as part of the due diligence process.

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Hence, many venture capitalist and private equity investors have started appointing cyber experts to carry cyber risk assessment as part of the due diligence process.

By Kanishk Gaur

The pandemic has changed the way businesses run. And, the world is gravitating towards a new normal. Social distancing, minimising physical touchpoints, and movement of customers from offline to online channels is the reality businesses must now live with. Offline businesses taking the help of online aggregators to survive is also the new norm, which has led to a sudden wave of digital availability of many business products and services.

However, this has also increased attack surface for online businesses with new categories and catalogues getting added. Due to increased product categories and to fulfil customer demand thousands of new codes get added to e-commerce, banking, e-retail, e-trading applications. Security by design gets left out in

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Second stimulus check: Pelosi sets 48 hours for pre-election deal, Senate prepares to vote on scaled-down bill. Here’s the latest.

Emilee Geist

Without a deal within 48 hours, there won’t be enough time to pass a coronavirus stimulus bill before Election Day, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Sunday.

Pelosi, D-Calif., said on ABC’s “This Week” that she wanted to make a deal before Nov. 3, but there had to be a deadline so the bill could be drafted and passed in time. The House has passed a $2.2 trillion measure while the White House has offered $1.8 trillion.

“We’re saying to them, ‘We have to freeze the design on some of these things. Are we going with it or not, and what is the language?’ ” Pelosi said.

“I’m optimistic because, again, we’ve been back and forth on all of this,” she said. “Because we want to have an agreement, we can come to negotiation. And we can do it now.”

She repeated that optimism later in a letter to members of

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Make it big in Digital Marketing with this guidebook of skills, courses and growth prospects

Emilee Geist

graphical user interface: Make it big in Digital Marketing with this guidebook of skills, courses and growth prospects

Make it big in Digital Marketing with this guidebook of skills, courses and growth prospects

The digital marketing industry has swiftly grown and from being a supplementary marketing tool it has become a primary tool in no time. Over the last decade, marketing has evolved on a faster pace right from print to digital medium and this evolution doesn’t seem to slow down.

With the growing market demand, the need for professional marketers is also skyscraping. The current pandemic has completely shifted our marketing outlook which is now turning to be a permanent adaptation with digital marketing strategies at fore.

With the spruce in the digitalization across sectors and industries, digital marketing has turned out to be one of the leading employments generating fields and has also resulted in 65% of students pursuing the digital marketing courses online.

With students being captive to the four walls of their homes and

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How Interior Define Got Closer To Its Customers, Increasing Average Order Value By 40%

Emilee Geist

As 2020 dawned, Rob Royer, the founder of the six-year old digitally-native custom furniture company Interior Define, had set his company for the next phase of growth.

With business tripling year-over-year for the past three years, his scrappy little company was ready to go corporate after opening seven physical Guideshop retail locations with more planned.

Guideshops proved essential to the company’s stunning growth since many customers needed handholding through the custom design process, despite the many online tools available to guide them through the process.

So in 2019, Royer assumed the chairman’s role and brought in three new senior executives, including Antonio Nieves as CEO from ModCloth.

Plans were set to grow even faster in 2020, then everything went sideways with the Covid-19 pandemic. The Guideshops, which were vital to its growth, were forced to close.  


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Samsung Galaxy S30 complete design leaked, tipped for January 2021 launch

Emilee Geist

Samsung launched the Galaxy S20 earlier in the year, and now we already have information coming in about its successor, the Galaxy S30. After leaks emerged last week of the phone entering mass-production, a new report has emerged which claims to reveal in full the upcoming device.

The leak comes courtesy of tipster Steve Hemmerstoffer (@OnLeaks) who has revealed the design of the Galaxy S30 on his Voice page. Hemmerstoffer published CAD renders of the S30 with a 6.2-inch display, hole-punch selfie camera and slimmer bezels than what we had seen on the Galaxy S20.

At the back of the Galaxy S30, there appears to be a new camera module that extends from the phone’s outer frame. OnLeaks claims the phone’s dimensions are 151.7 x 71.2 x 7.9m. If this is indeed true, it would mean the S30 will be slightly wider than the S20. The report also claims the

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Jerry Falwell, Jr.: Sin and Scandal at Liberty University

Emilee Geist

On May 27th, the second day of mounting national outrage over the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police, the president of America’s largest evangelical university decided it was the perfect time to blast out a tweet featuring the crudest of racial imagery. “I was adamantly opposed to the mandate from @GovernorVA requiring citizens to wear face masks until I decided to design my own,” wrote Jerry Falwell Jr. Below the text was his design: a mask displaying the image of a white person in blackface, standing next to a fellow sporting a Klan robe and hood.

For any snowflakes who might take offense, Falwell appended an explanatory tweet of sorts, pointing out that the image on the mask came from a 1984 medical school yearbook page of Ralph Northam, Virginia’s Democratic governor. This was true; when the image came to light in February 2019, it had caused quite a

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Big changes coming to Laramie airport | News

Emilee Geist

A visit to Laramie Regional Airport now can make you feel a little like Rip Van Winkle. Forced inactivity during this pandemic has meant that we have not been paying much attention to airline travel.

But in Laramie, that downturn coincided with a perfect opportunity for a major change — airport terminal replacement.

Overcrowded terminalAnyone who has flown out of Laramie in the past knows that a terminal expansion was sorely needed. That was evident even before the days of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) inspections of all passengers and baggage.

When I first flew out of Laramie in 1966 for a job-related trip to a meeting in Seattle, the terminal was a tiny little place with a few chairs. Every passenger brought their whole family with them for a splendid send-off, it seemed, so seats were scarce. But you only needed to get to the airport maybe 10

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