Cardio and Weight Training

In addition to the squat in long series, the system cardio respiratory often poorly applied when training is bodybuilding. Therefore it is essential to the work of aerobics if you want to stay in shape and not used up at the slightest effort to cardiovascular disease.

You can use this activity to warm up at the beginning of the session weights, for example, between 10 and 15 minutes of stepper or stationary bike. As an activity in itself is a plus that should not be set aside in bodybuilding, as they work the muscles differently.

But beware; many sessions are harmful to the increased mass of muscle. Indeed, cardio and weight training take energy from the same reservation. The body has its limits, and many sessions of resistance can reduce the power to recover from a workout for fitness and back as well.

It’s all about balance. Carrying out activities on days of rest, when not practiced bodybuilding. It can compromise the progress that you were able to perform. It is not doing anything but wasting time and resources for recovery doing aerobics, especially if you have difficulty eating enough and that your input heat is limited.

Two or three sessions per week at most, thirty minutes are a good compromise and help progress. The cardio is not bad for here the mass of muscle.

Therefore, do not hesitate to practice when your activities such as football favorite, jogging, swimming, cycling. For any athlete, the cardio plays an important role and it is certainly central to the development of the condition of physics.

Under a regime of drying, must lose body fat or simply improve endurance. But there is a question that can not be avoided: how long from start to exercise to lose fat?

After ten minutes of effort, via aerobic peaks and begins to burn up the substrate, which of course is none other than the fat. Therefore, the conclusion is that after five minutes of effort, and begins to consume fat in relatively large quantities, but also, after 10 minutes, your body uses up fat (rather than after half an hour).

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