Build Biceps by Changing the Grip

All coaching looking to have a fabulous body, want to have huge arms and strong, the barbell curl is the king of the train when it comes to building mass in the biceps as it hits all the muscle group properly, but there are interesting tricks like going beyond the traditional changing grip width to alter the angle of the stress placed on each point of the entire muscle region.

If planned training schedule biceps maximize results and minimize the chance of muscle injuries, remember that the day it takes a bicep workout should be at least 48 hours after the last time, and these muscles are used as secondary muscles for other exercises and to encourage a full workout by changing the grip will be holding a session that will be painful hardcore but comforting.

The types of grip

Hold regular: In this position (grip as shoulder width), arms are quite vertical and biomechanics for optimal curl, the train allows a fairly even contribution of both heads of the biceps and brachialis to take the weight.

Grip width: When you take the bar 6 inches wider than regular, this position puts more emphasis on the short head of the biceps brachii.

Hold tight: Most fitness practitioners trained in this position comfortably with about 2 inches or less regular or grip slightly beyond hip width, here there is more emphasis on the long head of the biceps.

Varied grip: Grip works intensely all biceps, it is important to modify the grip from narrow to wide, looking for as many different angles as possible, resulting in a training more comprehensive and effective development of arms.

An exciting workout for biceps

It is interesting to increase the grip width at 2 inches per training session from the shoulder width of up to 6 inches, using the principle of the progression, in the same way incorporate changes continuously changing the width of the grip keeps stimulated muscles to gain muscle mass effectively.

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