Build Bicep Peak with Bumbbell

It is doubtless that some biceps finished in peak, it is the ideal that every bodybuilder seeks. But unfortunately, this item is a matter of genetics.

Only by looking a little, we can see how the shape of the biceps can vary from one person to another. There are longer, which usually end in the insertion of the elbow, which are often the most attractive and peaked, and there are shorter, not exceeding half of the arm.

However, within the possibilities that genetics leaves us, we can do work that falls on the middle-lower biceps, to add volume to the area, and as close as possible to the desired shape. To do this, we will use an exercise that right tilt, can help achieve that goal.

Dumbbell alternate bicep curl

First, we will take a bank and tilt the back without reaching it down. Enough so that it is completely vertical. It could draw on the slope of the bank in the upper press.

Once sitting, grasping the dumbbells with arms extended down. This is up one after the other. But the key to this exercise is in the journey. For starters, the palms look forward, so that the weights do the same. From that position, the arm lifts the dumbbell and forearm form an angle of 90 degrees.

Similarly, lowering the dumbbell, not descend to the starting point, but a moment before, concentrating all possible voltage, keeping it lost. It is called alternative because both dumbbells do not climb at once, but first one and then the other.

The design of this exercise, along with that movement, achieved the maximum load concentration and tension in the lower mid-bicep. Although it is likely that you attain exaggerated peaks in the biceps, yes it will attain a greater volume in the “belly” of the muscle, approaching the way we would like.

Muscles involved

When sitting, get a total isolation of the muscle. Although on the barbell curl, we recommend supporting a column back in order to isolate as much as possible, inevitably tamper with it, as no longer a basic exercise. However, being seated posture is more relaxed and your back is against the backrest, so that the insulation should be total.

Most common errors

It is this an exercise as highly priced, it is difficult to make mistakes. The support not only help you relax posture, but also prevent you from the temptation to arcing that could harm you. Gather just the weight that you ask the muscle. The biceps muscle is small enough not to exhaust with core exercises, strength. Therefore, the alternate seated curl is a good choice to treat it in parts.

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