Bodybuilding: Using Potholders in Training

The handles can help you train but make you lose grip, so you should use them wisely. “When we train with intensity, sometimes escape the hands and grip before the muscles have lost their force. Should we use potholders?”

If the image of an athlete who wears gloves to lift weights means seriousness in training, then see a guy carrying handles should indicate that it is among the most dedicated to the weights.

After all, are designed to favor the grip, thus allowing greater lifting force and better the end of a series. Using potholders to do more reps, especially pulling movements for the back, and encourages the use of weight on deadlifts, rows and pulldowns.

The Cost of Using Lugs

Of course, have a cost. Using them too prevents full development of the muscles grip. Although work easier gripping, so that the hands take longer to fail, the effect is that they can reduce the gripping force and musculature. The handles help you work more muscle weight but do so at the expense of grip and forearm strength.

Utilize handles only after the grip fatigue and fail forearms. Quote as much as possible without the use of handles, leaving them only for the toughest series. Recognize when we must support – or not- on handles, grip ensures development without sacrificing the gains.

The powerlifter should avoid using potholders. Since these are not allowed in competitions. If you have trouble holding the weight because you want sweaty hands or stop using pot holders, we recommend you use the chalk or magnesia to keep a good grip.

Improve Your Grip

You can train your grip doing specific exercises besides arms reversed bending or hammer. Grab a disc of 10 kilos with two fingers or hang from the bar dominated. Stay a while in the position of maximum contraction and try to stay one or two minutes. Each week, try to beat your record.

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