Bodybuilding: The Perfect Rep

The performance of all and each of the repetitions performed during training is perhaps the most important factor of all those who affect or determine the effectiveness of training. However, far from giving the importance they deserve, it seems that other factors such as moving the maximum weight possible, even when you need to call anyone who is by your side to help you from the first rep is more important.

We are in a world where science and logic mixed with an overwhelming excess testosterone which obviously does not help to get the desired results. We’ve had clients that have not stood the pressure to repeat as many times as necessary until the same year to be perfect but we can assure you, anyone who supports the initial stress hardly be injured and, with time, dedication and perseverance, eventually getting desired results.

Perfect Repetition

These are the points in order of importance, must meet the perfect repetition:

  1. Technical: Must always be present and clear in your mind before you start an exercise. If you can visualize the perfect rep and try to develop it as it’s ever imagined. Never mind that it is the first or the last repetition, every one of them must be twins if we want the voltage drop on a same muscle fibers and thus force them to adapt to the stimulus. At the moment you can not meet the technical, the tempo, the motor pattern or decrease the range of motion is time to end the series. Think that training is essential to distinguish between technical failure and muscle failure. The first is what should really draw the line and never the second.
  1. Feel the load and acceleration should be working hard. Think for strength you must focus on the motor units (fibers) of highest excitability threshold and this is more easily achieved if you can print the correct acceleration during the concentric phase of the exercise. Furthermore, recent studies have shown that the change of properties in mixed fibers is more dependent on the acceleration of the load.
  1. If you should notice be training muscle hypertrophy working tension. Weight depends not moved but the accumulated stress in the muscle. In case you are doing a bench press your mind should be on your chest, should be doing elbow flexion in your biceps and if a dead weight on the entire posterior chain, starting with your hamstrings, glutes through and ending in a square back.
  1. Never lose sight of the goal. Always know why you are doing this exercise, why this specific number of reps and sets will help you not leave before completing the training. Meet a goal each exercise and each number of repetitions, series, and other factors.
  1. Best if you count backwards. It seems silly but psychological stress when working at full intensity, that makes you doubt if you will reach the target number of repetitions is less if you start counting from this number back.

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