Bodybuilding: The California Press

We know that the triceps can be worked with a variety of exercises, but it is interesting to hear one more you can offer some important benefits because it is very effective in promoting the development of strength and muscle mass throughout the area, named after California Press it became popular in the American West by mixing the triceps extension exercise lying barbell bench press and close-grip barbell.

Before the routine is important to get an amount of weight that is between what would normally be used in a lying triceps extension and the press with narrow grip, if for example uses 10 kg in a triceps extension and 20 kg in a press with narrow grip, you could use about 15 kg in the California Press that allows a specific emphasis on the eccentric part of the movement but the main idea is to use the proper technique and moderate weights to obtain the highest possible performance and enhance results.

How to run California Press

  • First, be placed in the same position as the press with narrow grip with your hands about shoulder width.
  • Lower the bar toward the head, as if he was doing the eccentric portion of the exercise lying triceps extension or lying French press “skull crusher”.
  • In the final position, the forearms should contact the biceps and the bar should be close to the head.
  • From this position, bring the bar towards the bottom away from the chest.
  • After the bar up as if by performing the concentric part of a close-grip press.
  • Raise the bar until your arms fully extended.
  • After redo the eccentric part of the exercise.

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