Bodybuilding: Muscle Anabolism Guide

In this section we will see in detail all the variables that need to put muscle anabolism of you. In living beings there are two main types of metabolic processes, such as two different ways, one is constructed and the other decays, degrades. These processes are called anabolism and catabolism, and interrelated.

Anabolic processes are built metabolic processes in which large molecules are obtained from smaller ones. In this process energy is consumed.

Catabolic processes are metabolic degradation processes in which large molecules, which come from the food or the own body stores are transformed into smaller ones. A catabolic process in energy occurs.

After this brief theory we what we want, muscle anabolism. Anabolism is the process of tissue repair and growth. The body must be in an anabolic state to build muscle.

Intense exercise stimulates muscle growth, but it’s just the spark that starts the anabolic process. The metamorphosis of muscle mass requires adequate fuel intake, anabolic hormones (we refer here to those produced by the body), and rest time.

The anabolic process is just like making a meal: the ingredients are mixed; it becomes a fire as expected. If any of the ingredients fails, the food does not go as we had hoped.

Let’s see in detail what you need to get to maximize muscle anabolism:

  • Getting a positive protein balance
  • To facilitate the synthesis of carbohydrates
  • Count calories
  • Add water
  • Reload to anymore
  • Use the anabolic window
  • Use supplements to build volume
  • Away (not entirely) of cardio
  • Increase testosterone
  • Implement growth hormone
  • Putting insulin work
  • Work on the biotype

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