Bodybuilding: Increasing Anabolism Using Selenium

They always say that great things can be found in small packages and the same concerns because the mineral selenium found in plants, some meats, brown rice and some dried fruit is a powerful antioxidant that fights damage caused by radicals free, but also improves heart health and may even be a preventive agent against some types of cancers, also plays an important role in the functioning of the thyroid thus becoming a key supplement to support the metabolism and regulate the production of hormones reviews protecting the immune system.

Since the thyroid controls the body’s metabolism, keeping it running smoothly is essential for muscle definition, but the interesting thing is that it can also help gain muscle strength, in a study published by “The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition”, the researchers measured the force of some 891 volunteers during workouts leg flexion and extension discovered that those with higher selenium levels showed more muscle strength.

A number of Spanish and Danish studies have developed a method to investigate in vivo metabolism of selenium was unknown. Laboratory rodent developed mass spectrometry techniques and a trace chemical that helps unquestionable quality quantify the amounts of selenium in various chemical forms of distribution in the body.

As the element that plays an important role in the body’s immune response and provides strength to the sportsman, was necessary to know the way that follows from oral administration until it is excreted thus clarifying their metabolism and their beneficial effects on health including protection against viruses or diseases.

Using a selenium supplement may be the best choice to add the correct amount of mineral in the diet, remembering that when combined with Vitamin E can enhance their benefits or NAC (N-acetyl cysteine) increase sperm production testosterone level and thus reaching levels only in a sensational anabolic state.

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