Bodybuilding: In Defense of Dead Weight, a Full Year

For a long time it has been heard in gyms say that the deadlift is a dangerous exercise or even harmful. However, today the dead weight has become for many (including myself included) in one of the three great basic training along with the squat and good morning, because it is a full year. Who is right on this occasion?

Since we included the dead weight in my workouts we have noticed a marked improvement in the strength of the lower back, hamstrings and glutes. Also, aesthetically dead weight helps to shape the lower back, being much stronger, working to get firmer legs and buttocks in place: everything aligned and balanced.

The deadlift is an exercise that we highly recommend to girls who want to shape your lower body: gain strength and muscle tone, when working with a good technique and a little weight, are visible in no time. Being a multicarticular exercise also involves the core and the core of the body to stabilize, becoming a complete exercise for the whole body.

A few deadlift technical

We must start from the basis that no harmful exercises, but poorly executed: hence the great importance of knowing well the technique before taking heavy. Start with moderate weights and short runs can help us progress technically before we get to work with heavy discs.

There are two things that people often fail to realize the weight quite dead, and that therefore we should pay more attention: the most important is that the extension movement of the legs and back should be simultaneous. The great fault of many people is to first perform the leg extension, and is left with a rounded back and trying to raise a heavy weight: this gesture, made with a lot of weight, it can lead to injury. Recall that the extension leg and back is performed once.

The other general failure is often the incorrect alignment of head, neck and back: either look ahead or keeping the head in neutral position, flush with neck and back. But never looks down: this gesture we want back conducive to excess, and to create an unnecessary and dangerous tension in the cervical spine.

It is also a good idea to know the different variants or modalities of the exercise: Romanian deadlifts, stiff legs, one leg, suitcase deadlift … Know and run different variants allow us to train in a full, enjoyable due to the change and involving a greater challenge to change exercise.

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