Bodybuilding and Bigorexia

Have you ever wondered why you have you are so young? Do you feel tired of never grow up? If the answer is yes, watch out. You may be starting to suffer from bigorexia. The bigorexia or muscle dysmorphia is a condition that is not officially recognized as a disease, but it certainly affects many people, especially men athletes.

The bigorexia is nothing more than the feeling of not being strong enough and big enough ever. This involves obsessive behavior with being stuck in the gym every hour possible. As you can imagine, look at yourselves where you have eyes, makes sense that your body and muscles are smaller than they should be usual.

Do not even look at you in the mirror will be rewarding, since one always tends to look for faults instead of having an overview. When you aim at someone in front, yes you stay with that overview, so whenever you see others better than yourselves.

However, there are a number of factors that influence the sense of muscularity, more than you think. This last option is “ideal” to be always small. But instead, try to look at you with light falling from above or even sideways. The main one of them is the light. Never the same look with a splash of daylight, i.e. top or side, which look to our body without light obscured.

The stream of light highlights the edges of your muscles and this will make a more optimal ye yourselves. That is exactly what happens when you go to the beach and see a lot of people who seem stronger than it is.

And the sunlight and is very friendly to men as it brings out all the edges with some shading that give greater muscle appearance. So it is always good that you may be targets, and prove to you from various angles so you do not underestimate the size issues. Otherwise you can fall into a spiral of suggestion to take you to the bigorexia.

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