Body Pump: Pros and Cons

The Body Pump has achieved what many fans and fitness professionals thought was impossible: bringing the weights to aerobics room and directed activities. The catchy music, choreography muscle group and work the whole body of the Body Pump makes a perfect alternative for those who want to have fun while they train in a group class.

The Body Pump is a group training system based on standardized weight work through negative repetitions, which help us to gain muscle strength, and super-sets to train the heart and pre-exhausting the muscle.

Body Pump is a work of strength and toning of one hour in which over ten music tracks train major muscle groups, always in the same order and with a not very wide exercise variation. It is a fairly comprehensive training, as it works on aerobic, with very little rest between exercises, you gain strength and body shapes.

The girls are usually big fans of this kind, as it allows them to work with collective weight class: has been a user of Body Pump classes for quite some time. But, like everything else, this type of group classes has advantages and disadvantages which we analyze below.

Advantages of Body Pump

  • Overall work of the whole body during the session well structured: it will work different muscle groups throughout all time, respecting rest periods between major groups, and performing a complete workout full body type.
  • Working with negative repetitions: promotes increased muscle strength. The times of the concentric and eccentric repetitions are changing over the tracks, resulting in a varied training.
  • Training entertaining and fun, with current music: in each workout usually include current issues (Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Chris Brown …) with hits remember that we all danced in nightclubs.
  • Animation by monitors: monitors are still very active, and are responsible for the entire hour motivate.
  • Motivation and competition healthy to surround yourself with people: raise your hand if you have not been stung with training partner because you lift more weight. Well imagine that in a class with 20 people more…

Disadvantages of Body Pump

  • You must have a refined technique learned by yourself: are a group class, and the monitor can not be corrected one by one, especially when you have to be doing the exercises himself. Remember that poor technique is often synonymous with injury, so you have to spend time to inform you perform the exercises correctly.
  • The choreography is changed every three months: if you like, perfect, but if you don’t like will touch you to endure during this time. On the other hand, the same choreography for three consecutive months can do that you unmotivated or you get to hate the songs.
  • You must be honest with weights that move: there is no point doing supersets with “flyweight”, because the only thing that will happen is that you will lose time. You should choose a weight that cost us reach the last repetitions and to progressively increase over time.
  • Define your purpose well: if you want hypertrophy, free weight works best. Note that each activity has a specific goal and you have to supplement it with other sports. As much as the Body Pump has an aerobic component, do not stop cycling, jogging, etc…

As you can see, is a class with good and “not so good”. For you it is a good option for a couple of days a week as an alternative to work in room: not every day, because you just burn. Moreover, working every day with supersets anyone exhausted, and you prefer to do other work as pyramidal series, falling…

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