Biotype and Muscle Growth

We have different body types, just as we have different personalities. Your body is as unique as your fingerprint. Your appearance is much more determined by genes, the information contained in their cells-that you’re wearing jeans.

The key to create your own training program lies in the understanding of body types and to develop a regime that will accommodate your unique shape, rather than trying to change it. If you customize the exercise and diet to your specific biotype, get a more effective transformation.


The three basic biotypes are: ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph.

  1. Biotype ectomorph: Lean, with a delicate structure and it is laborious to gain weight.
  2. Biotype mesomorph: Muscular, with a hard, rectangular structure, and gains or loses weight easily.
  3. Biotype endomorph: It is looking chubby, with a soft, round structure, which may have difficulty losing weight.


Most people do not exactly fit into any of these categories. Although usually dominates one of the three, most of us are a combination of biotypes. Since each organization is unique, body type and dominant design will help in developing an exercise plan and diet ideal for reaching your goals.

Each biotype requires a different prescription muscle development. The regimen for an ectomorph endomorph differs because two opposite ends of the spectrum of body types.

Muscle growth and ectomorphs

The ectomorph tends to have a fast metabolism and it takes time to gain muscle mass. Its main goal is to gain weight, so your muscle building program should be prescribed with this in mind.

Exercise should focus on working for the development of muscle mass, using heavier weights and fewer repetitions. Aerobic exercise to burn calories must be kept to a minimum. Their diet must contain a caloric overload with complex carbohydrates for stimulating anabolic weight gain.

Muscle growth and endomorphs

The endomorph is exactly the opposite. This biotype tends to have a slow metabolism that stores unwanted extra calories. Gain weight easily even endeavor to lose body fat. Its main goal is to burn excess fat.  For this purpose, the exercise should include many weekly aerobic workouts. Weight training should be done at a rapid rate, with a higher rep range.

Diet is critical for the endomorph, and should be high in protein and low in fat, with a moderate amount of complex carbohydrates. Snacks and avoid empty calories. To stimulate fat loss, daily caloric intake is less than caloric expenditure.

Muscle growth and mesomorphic

The mesomorph is genetically an advantaged to develop lean muscle mass. Often looks like an athlete, even without training. This can benefit biotype almost any training protocol.

However, to obtain the maximum potential must work on their genetic basis, based on the variation of the stimuli. It responds well to an alternating exercise program, oscillating between a phase of development to increase mass and another added muscle definition.

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