Bigger Arms: the Scott Curl

There are few bodybuilders who have not been particularly obsessed with the size of their arms. All have gone through those times, especially at the beginning, in which workouts consisted of chest and biceps.

We’ve all been through those times, especially at first, which consist training chest and biceps. Muscle mass is achieved thereof, like the rest, working hard, but also giving them the relaxation they deserve.

Larry Scott
Larry Scott

As the name implies, this muscle contains only two heads and is very small compared with other large muscle groups such as the chest or back. However, its strategic position on the arms, makes it one of the most watched by all, and very careful development.

So, you should know better choose exercises that you are having this little “warrior” of the body. And one of them is undoubtedly the Scott Curl. For the more experienced in the sport, saying that Scott comes from the great Larry Scott, a famous bodybuilder of the late sixties in America, and here known as seated barbell curl.

Performing Scott Curl

The execution of the exercise is somewhat easier than it may seem. First you must find in your gym the bank containing a sloping front armrest. Most of them can regulate body at different distances below contains the supports and to hold the bar.

Perform seated biceps exercises, is a great idea because you avoid the temptation to help you with your back on each pull up. In this way we ensure that the only muscle that is working at the moment is the biceps.

There is an element in this exercise, on the other hand in my opinion is the most important and that you must always consider. It is the effective route of the exercise. This tour is the maximum muscle tension, and not being achieved or up above the bar and drop it down. That way you’ll notice a burning incredible that will make you get maximum performance from the Scott curl, and therefore greater development for your biceps.

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