Biceps Exercises: Biceps Curl Bar

The biceps curl exercise is the most basic bodybuilding and fitness and more important in the whole range of exercises for biceps as you can put a large amount of overhead on it.


  • Stand with feet parallel and separated to shoulder width, toes pointing outward and elbows pressed against the sides. Separate hands shoulder width apart and take the bar with a supinated grip. If you take the bar from the floor, be sure to bend your knees to lift the weight.
  • Start with arms straight, with the biceps fully extended.
  • You take air and retain it while rise the bar.
  • Upload the bar from the thighs to the chest with a smooth movement and contracting biceps. Pause for a moment in the final position and push the air near the top.
  • With great control, lower the weight back to its original position making sure that your biceps are fully stretched. Remain upright throughout the movement.

Tips and common errors:

  • We must eliminate the tendency to relax the biceps at the end of the positive phase, i.e. when approaching the hand to the shoulder.
  • Elbows should be kept fixed, glued to the trunk without advancing.
  • It is advisable to keep your knees bent.
  • Keep your body upright, especially the torso. If you round your shoulders or back and throw during the execution, it will reduce the tension on the biceps.
  • Excellent way to do the first, follow it on incline bench dumbbell and preacher.
  • You can replace pulleys or standing z curl bar.
  • The most common mistake is to use heavy weights, which leads to balance the body using the hips to help.
  • To avoid damaging your back (or if you have problems), place it on a wall while you bend your legs slightly. Remember to support the lumbar area very well.

General considerations for biceps routine:

  • Start with a mass movement: Many great bodybuilders opt for the biceps curl bar and you can use more weight and that means working better.
  • Do not listen to the beginning of your routine exercises like concentration curls or Scott bench, often working with less weight and are excellent for congested after working the muscle with heavy weights.
  • You include different exercises that permit us to stimulate the biceps of slightly different way. After curl bar, used dumbbells, barbell curl as is usually done with the palms up, then use grappling exercises using neutral or require rotating wrists to complete the move.
  • The bank raised elbows scott effectively reduces the degree of stretch and therefore, the amount of stress on the long head of biceps, this requires that the short head to work harder.
  • Used the rope attached to a low pulley and get supinate at the bottom of the route, which does not occur with free weights.
  • The slightly inclined bench work emphasizes the long head of biceps.

Type of grip:

  • A grip distance equivalent to the shoulder supports both heads of the biceps and brachialis.
  • A grip that exceeds the width of the shoulders imposes a greater emphasis on the short head of biceps.
  • A lower grip shoulder width imposes a greater emphasis on the long head of biceps.

Take care of your back:

  • Both the catch and the stop bar, if you do it from the ground do not forget to bend your knees. You can also ask a colleague that you give them.
  • Keep your knees bent.
  • You can support the lower back on the wall by bending your knees.

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