Best Halloween Baby Clothes, From Bat Rompers To Pumpkin Pajamas

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Crows are screeching, witches are cackling, and werewolves are howling. Yep, the decor aisle at the store is full of motion detecting decorations again, which means it’s time to plop the animatronic Jack-O-Lantern into your cart and zip over to check out the seasonal baby clothes next. Your little one […]

Crows are screeching, witches are cackling, and werewolves are howling. Yep, the decor aisle at the store is full of motion detecting decorations again, which means it’s time to plop the animatronic Jack-O-Lantern into your cart and zip over to check out the seasonal baby clothes next.

Your little one may not have enough teeth to tear into any candy this year, but they can still take part in the Halloween festivities with their fashion. Whether you’re shopping online or in-stores, there are so many adorable options to suit your style, whether you want full throttle sparkly tutus or a more subdued striped tee. Honestly, half the fun of having a baby during a holiday is dressing them in all the themed outfits. And I don’t just mean costumes. You can go for Halloween pajamas for babies, Halloween outfits for their Halloween party at day care, or just a cute pumpkin Halloween baby outfit for visiting the pumpkin patch. The options are seriously endless, and nobody will be able to get enough of your little cutie when they’re decorated in bats, witches, and candy corn.

So find your favorite outfit, or try all 31 for a Halloween baby clothes fest through the month of October. There are even some inspired by your favorite Halloween movies, and they’ll absolutely make you run amuck!

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A Baby Bat Suit

This little bat suit, well, it speaks for itself. What seems like a simple gray jumpsuit will have all the adults in the room gushing over your baby as soon as they move their arms and reveal their bat wings. And that’s to say nothing of the bonnet with bat ears. This is the only Halloween baby clothes you need for October, honestly.


Candy & Ghosts Galore

Hanna Andersson PJs are made with organic cotton for maximum softness, and easy zippers for when baby needs a change. The Halloween version comes in five different patterns, including a black-and-white ghost moment, magic Halloween kitties, a spooky nighttime sky, and some wide-eyed bat silhouettes. Buy it sized for 0 to 24 months, and even for toddlers. This is a pair of Halloween baby clothes that just keeps giving.


A Jack-O-Lantern Look

Was it really Halloween with a baby if you didn’t get them a pumpkin hat, stem and leaves included? This matching sweatshirt and hat set are made with that soft baby blanket material you know and love, and features a classic Jack-O-Lantern grin on the front. Just add socks and hit the trick-or-treat trail in this Halloween baby clothes set.


Gender-Neutral PJs

Yes, yes, yes to a holiday pajama you can keep and pass down to each of your babies when it’s their turn. This footie jumpsuit is gender neutral and covered in all the Halloween icons you know and love: ghosts, witch hats, Jack-O-Lanterns, bats, candy corn, and more. Plus, it’s all cotton and has an easy zip for when diaper changes get spooky at midnight.


A Striped Bodysuit

Whether you choose to pair this bodysuit with matching leggings, pants, bloomers, or a holiday tutu, it’s a great starting place for a Halloween baby outfit. It’s perfect for any October day since its not overly Halloween-y. The orange trimmings are a ribbed fabric and the long sleeves will keep baby warm on a brisk evening, too. It also gives off some Pugsley Addams vibes, which is very spooky (creepy and kooky).


A Thackery Binx-Inspired Dress

Black Halloween cats are usually depicted as a little scary, but they’re just as cuddly as the rest of our feline friends. This cute little overall dress is the purr-fect proof. The embroidered cat face will stay put through infinite washes, and buying the onesie with it as a set means it arrives ready to wear.


Glow-In-The-Dark Bones

Want to surprise your baby when you switch off the lights? The glowing bones on this pajama set will delight older babies who are aware of their surroundings and in that stage of discovering their own bodies. Plus, it’s just cute. Pop on some shoes and your little one is dressed for All Hallow’s Eve in this sweet Halloween baby clothes set.


Your New Favorite Candy

Fun size candy bars come out by the millions this time of year, and your little snack deserves his or her very own wrapper. The Snickers-esque font and black background will make it clear to anyone who sees that your baby is as sweet as can be (even if they’re a little nuts on the inside).


An Honest, Yet Festive Outfit

Dress your baby in this perfect Halloween baby clothes — a spooky, striped outfit featuring the perfect moniker of “milk monster.” I can’t get over how perfect this is, and it looks cozy enough for a day at day care, a day at home with the Freeform 31 Days Of Halloween, or a nap time snooze.


A Fab-Boo-Lous Tutu Set

Your lil’ boo thing will look too stinking cute in this two-piece set from Carter’s. First, we have a fab-boo-lous little ghost rocking a witch hat on the long-sleeved onesie. And those BOTTOMS. Black leggings with at attached tutu and little white polka dots add the perfect amount of festivity.


Little Ghosties

Nothing like a *spirited* little Halloween baby clothes set to celebrate the season. These sweet little spooks and their rosy cheeks would look cute on a baby girl or boy, so it’s a great holiday outfit purchase if you plan on storing all your baby’s clothes for their future siblings. Also, who doesn’t love a cute knee detail?


The Cutest Jump Scare Ever

Your little boo will look scary cute in this outfit. You can purchase just the onesie, bow, or bloomers, but they definitely belong together, don’t you think? Bonus: the black gingham print will work as a base for lots of other holidays, too. Just add a cute Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Hanukkah onesie when the time rolls around.


An Ode To A Classic Movie

Millennial parents have a few favorite Halloween movies that come to mind this time of year, and Beetlejuice is probably on the list for many of them. Help your little one summon your favorite movie into their life too with this onesie. Pair it with green or purple pants and comb that baby hair straight up for added effect.


And Another Fan Favorite

Are you more of a Hocus Pocus fan? If you’re the type who would light the black flame candle, your baby probably needs this set. It includes all four pieces as shown, or you can purchase just the pieces you want. The onesie also comes in long sleeves for those of you in colder climates.


Not Your Average Jumpsuit

This little jumpsuit has an empire waist that is just too stinking cute on a little baby girl. The black and white stripes, orange trim, and Jack-O-Lantern pattern are super festive without being scary at all, and the matching headband is the perfect color to top off the whole look.


Personalized Pajamas

Looking for matching Halloween pajamas for the entire fam? These ones come in sizes ranging from newborn to adult 3XL, so you can buy them for every member of your Addams family. You can personalize the PJs with the wearer’s name on the bright orange bum, which is adorable on kids and hilarious on grownups.


On-Theme Puns

No crypts around here, just cribs. Whether you grew up watching Tales from the Crypt or you’re just a lover of Halloween and puns, this onesie is a solid option for your baby’s month of Halloween baby clothes. Besides, parents know there are plenty of horrors that can happen in a crib. That’s why they make mattress covers.


For Your Mini Mummy

Can you say, “Matching baby and older sibling mummy pajamas?” These precious pajamas will have you taking all of the pictures, and honestly, no one would blame you. The cute little mummy expressions are so good, and that head wrapping beanie really brings the mummy look together for baby.


Candy Corn Footie Pajamas

Candy corn itself is controversial: to some, it’s their favorite Halloween candy, perfect in every way. To others, an actual waste of sugar. However, these footie pajamas are sure to bring both sides of the aisle together to acknowledge these candy corn can, on a baby, be pretty freakin’ adorable.


An Important Announcement

Yes, hello, move aside, we have a baby experiencing the magic that is spooky season for the first time here. If it’s your baby’s first time trick-or-treating, watching Halloween movies with the fam, or eyeing down the candy bowl, this outfit is the perfect way to commemorate this special time.


A Classic Orange Option

Can you imagine twins in these matching, but just slightly different, Halloween outfits? It’s almost too cute to handle. The little boys’ version comes with a matching beanie cap, while the baby girls’ style has an attached skirt and a sweet little headband, bow and all. Now to make a friend with twins so I can buy both…


Lil’ Punkin Hoodie Set

If your little dude loves tricks just as much as treats, this outfit ought to be perfect for him. The short-sleeved hoodie has Halloween sk8er boi energy, as do the crazy-eyed pumpkins all over this set. It ranges from newborn to 24-month sizes, so if you love it this year, you can always repurchase it for next.


Jack Skellington *Lewks*

Are you a lifelong fan of A Nightmare Before Christmas? Well, show some love for your boy Jack Skellington with this little outfit, which also pokes fun at your baby’s bedtime antics. If the overalls aren’t for you, you could also try a Jack onesie with polka dot bloomers, or a more casual T-shirt and pant set.


A Classic Patterned Pajama

These pajamas are perfect for a baby girl or baby boy with their simple black and orange color scheme and pumpkin pattern. It comes in infant and toddler sizes so you can buy matching PJs for all your kiddos, and it includes a double-sided zipper and fold-over mittens for parents who like those features.


Ruffles, Plaid, & Pumpkins

If you’re one of those mamas who can’t get enough of the bell bottom pants and match sets, here’s your dose of ruffles for Halloween. This super cute set ships from so be sure to order ahead so your little one can wear it at least once a week all month long.


An Ode To Mama

One of the best things about baby clothes is they can have designs on the butts and it’s totally OK — even encouraged — to wear in public. No Juicy Couture sweat suit vibes here, just the cutest little Frankenstein monster and a shout-out to how much they love mommy. They’re equally as cute together or as separates.


An On-Theme Overall Dress

Come through Halloween queen! This little polka dot t-shirt is cute enough by itself, but layered with the ruffled pumpkin overall skirt? It’s almost too much to handle. Your pumpkin will look so cute in your fall family photos, in the stroller while trick-or-treating, or at the grocery store on any old Tuesday.


For The Zombie Lovers

Whether you’re a big fan of The Walking Dead or just love a good funny tee, this onesie has a lot of appeal. You know, other than the stinky zombie foot. It’s also a cute gift for parents who love all things horror, but you’d rather not buy their baby a Michael Myers shirt.


Itsy Bitsy Baby

Got an itsy bitsy baby on your hands this Halloween? Pay homage to their stature using the most Halloween-appropriate nursing rhyme. These onesies come in black or white and are made to order using high quality vinyl and Gerber or Gildan brand clothing. It’s got tons of rave reviews on Etsy, too.


For Your Lil’ Pumpkin

Um, OK with your plaid sleeves, old-school embroidered pumpkin appliqué, and little wooden button details! This jumpsuit will absolutely have you pulling out the knit blankets and buying tiny pumpkins to have a Halloween photoshoot at home. It’s the perfect outfit for any day of the month, especially to go visit family this time of year.

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