Bench Press Exercises

Perform Bench Press Exercises

  • Lie on a flat bench, keeping shoulders and hips pressed against the backrest and your feet flat on the bench with your knees bent or in the air to prevent back injuries shoulders and hips. Place you so that the bar situated in the media is right on the head.
  • Use a grip just over shoulder width, so that the arm and forearm form an angle of 90 degrees when the bar is on the chest. Remove the support bar and hold it directly above the chest.
  • Breathe as you lower the bar under control, keeping your shoulders and back arched against the bank (especially lower back) until it touches the bottom of the chest. At this point, hold your breath and push the bar up, taking it to the media until the arms are fully extended.
  • Exhale as you pass the most difficult part of the ascending phase and a second stop position with your arms straight as you press the breastplate.
  • Go down the bar at a moderate speed. Do not stop at the lowest position, raises the bar quickly.

Bench press exercises and common errors

  • If you have back problems, put your feet on the bench, and above all avoid arching your back and away from the bank and force stress on the lumbar area. We are sure that thus “strips” less weight.
  • No need to raise the bar down and jerking. It also avoids the “bounce”.
  • A wide grip affects the outer portions of the pectorals.
  • Grip the width of the shoulders affects the central part, but very near grip no benefit to the chest and triceps being worked.
  • Avoid potentially dangerous practice of bouncing the bar against your chest. Instead, change the direction of the bar just before touching the chest.

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