Back Routine for Women

According to Mary Yockey, the back is one of the most visible and can emphasize or break your overall appearance. Develop a broad back and well-formed is a key component to create a pleasant physical and symmetrical. To achieve breadth in the back, try to open grip exercises.

Mary Yockey
Mary Yockey

The right style, absolute control and concentration in exercise are important with any type of training, and especially your back. If your style is wrong and you raise the weights with momentum, inertia is who does your work. You will not get much progress will increase muscle and also your risk of injury.

If you have trouble concentrating on the back, try this trick: have a training partner to touch you while you’re training the muscle will help you focus better. Think about that strips down and backwards with elbows in rowing movements, using arms nothing rather than as levers. This system will help to divert the direction of movement to the muscles of the back.

Isometrically tightens the muscle at the end position of movement. This is something that helps you work back on top and induces muscle fatigue. Remember that when you exercise your muscles are working in two directions: positive and negative. Once you lift a weight, do not let it fall to the starting point. The more the negative controls, the more you are working your muscles, something that gives you strength and benefits of significant growth.

In most of the exercises usually do 12 repetitions. Never use heavy weights because we controlled movements. If we are doing and feel repeats the exercise, under the speed of execution rather than adding more weight. Upload the identificatory is usually translated in incorrectness of style.

We never seem to get to stress this enough. We always stretch ten minutes before our workout and another ten after. Not only helps recover and muscle growth, but also make me more flexible and prevent injuries.

Back routine for women:

  • Dominated with open grip 4 series of 15-22
  • Rowing sitting on pulley 4 series of 12
  • Front milestones with open grip 4 series of 12
  • Remo 4 sets of 12 with a hand dumbbell
  • Remo one-handed dumbbell 4 sets of 12

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