Ayesha Curry Shares the Most Romantic Thing Husband Stephen Has Ever Done

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Like many of us, Ayesha Curry is busier than ever. “The kids are back in school and work is back in full swing,” she says. But there’s one thing on her hectic schedule she’s looking forward to: swapping out her summer wardrobe for fall sweaters, boots, and blazers. And she’ll […]

Like many of us, Ayesha Curry is busier than ever. “The kids are back in school and work is back in full swing,” she says. But there’s one thing on her hectic schedule she’s looking forward to: swapping out her summer wardrobe for fall sweaters, boots, and blazers. And she’ll have a lot more to choose from this year, as the two-time New York Times best-selling author, chef, philanthropist, and producer is collaborating with online retailer JustFab for The Return of Fabulous Fashion collection, available now.

“I’m really excited to lean into fashion this fall, so I’m building out my wardrobe with pieces that make me feel strong and confident,” she tells Glamour. To that end, the Ayesha Curry x JustFab collection consists of staple pieces like long coats, knee-high boots, and cropped sweaters—all at accessible price points.

And beyond style, Curry has some great suggestions for other must-haves in your life, from cozy blankets to the kitchen accessory she’s most obsessed with. For Glamour‘s latest edition of Your Faves Faves, she’s filling us in on her favorite things—as well her favorite romantic gesture from husband, Steph Curry.

Ayesha Curry in the First Timer sneaker

The kitchen appliance I’m currently obsessed with

I like to try and keep things really easy and simple in the kitchen, but one appliance I am currently obsessed with is my electric kettle from a Bay Area–based company called Fellow. It’s a gorgeous matte black and looks like a piece of art on the counter. Hot tea and pour-over coffees have been getting me through my days, so this kettle has been a godsend.

Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Gooseneck Kettle

$169.00, Amazon

My favorite item in my closet

The weather is just starting to cool down here in the Bay area, so I’ve been breaking out the boots and starting to layer on some of my lighter jackets. One item in particular that I’ve been loving is the Khloy Slouch Boot from my JustFab collection [Editor’s note: The Khloy Slouch Boot will be available starting in November, but you can find other great boot options here.] They pair great with some of my more summery dresses that I’m not quite ready to hang up just yet, which makes them the perfect transitional shoe heading into fall.

<h1 class="title">camel-slouchy-boot-justfab-ayesha-curry.jpg</h1><cite class="credit">JustFab</cite>


The item I always take from my husband’s closet

For sweats and comfy clothes, I tend to like things oversized, so I love menswear. A lot of the stuff I wear around the house I steal from my husband. I prefer the things buried deep in the closet that have been washed and worn a million times.

The cozy blanket I have in my house year-round

I’m obsessed with the Cozi Throw from Johanna Howard Home. It’s insanely soft and has that gauzy texture that makes it comfortable year-round. My kids love them so much you can pretty much find one in every room of our home.

Johanna Howard Cozi Throw

$175.00, Bloomingdales

The jeans I live in

I have a pair of Levi 501s that I’ve had for as long as I can remember and have no idea how they’re still in one piece for as much as I’ve worn them. They are button-fly, super flattering, and so comfortable.

Levi’s High-Waist Straight-Leg Jeans

$90.00, Nordstrom

The three makeup products I swear by

My everyday makeup is pretty minimal, and the Merit Complexion Stick is foundation and concealer in one. It blends seamlessly so I can cover up any blemishes without having to do my whole face. I also love a strong brow, and Milk’s Kush Brow Gel makes it easy. It’s got a nice buildable formula, which makes your brows look full and feathery without feeling or looking stiff. And finally, Rose Inc. Blush Divine Clean Dewy Cream Blush is a super-moisturizing formula that blends really easily. It has just the right amount of shimmer to make my skin glow.

Merit Complexion Stick

$38.00, Sephora

Milk Kush Fiber Eyebrow Gel

$20.00, Sephora

Rose Inc. Blush Devine Clean Dewy Cream Blush

$30.00, Sephora

The most romantic thing my husband has ever done for me

Recently my husband surprised me with a vow-renewal ceremony to celebrate our 10-year wedding anniversary, which I can’t think about without getting emotional. He picked out everything from the food to the decorations, even a beautiful, beaded white dress for me to wear. Our oldest daughter officiated; it was so special. In terms of the best gift I gave him, is it corny to say our kids?

My favorite pair of sneakers

I am obsessed with the First Timer sneaker from my collection. It’s an ultra-cozy knit blend perfect for fall that comes in a few gorgeous neutrals, so they complement whatever I’m wearing.

JustFab First Timer Sneakers

$60.00, JustFab

The workout I actually like doing

My go-to workout is usually something outdoors. I love to go hiking and bike riding. Stephen and I have recently also gotten into paddle boarding.

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