Avoid Stagnation by Correcting the Most Common Failures

Stagnation and sport are often given hand and in most cases often go together. This is what often makes us feel frustrated and can not evolve further training. Therefore we dwell on the most common errors we make and how to solve our move forward in our progress.

The habit and routine tends to be the greatest of evils when it comes to progress in training, and is in most cases innovate and change habits costs us. To achieve this we must begin to end bad habits easily.

Always use the same weight

The weight is usually one of these errors. Generally we tend to accommodate a given load and routine. If our body is used to a certain load and we can no problem with it, ideally increasing loads for further progress and encourage the fibers to grow. This not only will make our show more toned muscles but we also help you burn more fat at rest.

Incorrect feeding

Another mistake that we often make and that prevents us from making further progress in training is to eat anything between meals. Boredom is often one of the main problems that make us to take anything into the mouth, which as a rule is usually highly caloric and full of simple carbohydrates. This causes our energy to rise quickly but we just lasting effect, when generating a lack of energy that will make us pay less in training.

To avoid this it is ideal to maintain a healthy diet rather than on simple carbohydrates. Another alternative is to seek distraction in the time to keep us entertained and avoid eating foods that we only provide empty calories and help us to increase fat reserves without giving us the energy we need to progress in training.

Changes in routines

As mentioned earlier, the variation of the routines is essential and therefore it is also necessary forms of training. Not only do we serve with the load, but it is important to change the exercises you will do in our routines. Meet a wide range of possibilities for each muscle group, and control development is fundamental in achieving better results and avoids getting stuck.

Resting to evolve

Rest is also important in preventing stagnation. Of course we should respect the hours of sleep to recover well before the exercise performed. However, we must not forget take a week off every three months or so. At which take advantage to the different muscle groups to relax. Just as it is not advisable to train every day like there’s no tomorrow. Since everything but get a good development.

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