The impact of COVID-19 on UC freshmen | News

Emilee Geist


The College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning building at the University of Cincinnati. 

Freshmen come to college with the idea that the next few years will be the highlight of their adulthood. They will be making lifelong friendships through various organizations and network with professors who can help get their foot in the door. A time that’s supposed to be the next chapter of their lives can be quite challenging in the middle of a pandemic. 

Everything is still possible through the power of the internet. However, experiencing freshman year under this new normal is still challenging. 

Cameron Knurek, a first-year student at the University of Cincinnati (UC), pictured his freshman year in an entirely different light before COVID-19. 

“It’s been a little more difficult with online classes,” said Knurek. “It’s not what I imagined since it’s all in my room. It’s not very

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Google Cloud BrandVoice: Time, Place, People: Designing The Digital Workplace

Emilee Geist

A look at the three basic design values of any digital workplace tool, according to the creators of Google Workspace.

With the growing importance of digital workplaces, enterprises and institutions everywhere are making decisions about communications tools that will affect their organizations for years.

COVID-19 hasn’t just changed the rate and scale at which we’re going digital. It’s changing how we create and share information, and how we relate to other individuals and teams. These are lasting changes—our digital, virtual contexts are almost certain to remain in some form even after “work from home” evolves into “return to office.” Compounding the issue, no one can fully say what those changes will be, any more than they can say when the global pandemic will end. 

That is why examining the basic design values

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Sinoexpo Empowers Yangjiang Knives and Scissors on the Cloud, Connecting Global Trade

Emilee Geist

SHANGHAI, Oct. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — What business opportunities and possibilities will arise when the field of hotel kitchen appliances is moved onto the cloud? The situation at the moment looks very promising. Located on the coast of the South China Sea in Guangdong Province, Yangjiang, as the first city westward from the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, is now uniting resources from various parties to push this vision into reality. On July 13, 2020, Shanghai Sinoexpo Informa Markets International Exhibition Co., Ltd. and the Yangjiang Municipal Bureau of Commerce in Guangdong Province signed a cooperation agreement. The two parties will work together closely on the 2021 Hotelex Shanghai International Hotel and Catering Industry Expo and the 19th China (Yangjiang) International Hardware Knives and Scissors Fair (hereinafter referred to as: The Yangjiang Knives Fair).

I. Carefully Prepare and Go Against the Trends

The Covid-19 epidemic has brought challenges to

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How to Make Custom Skins in Among Us

Emilee Geist

Among Us does not have a Steam workshop page, but players can still add mods to their game that create new outfits. Here’s a guide on how to do so.

The recent surge in popularity Among Us has experienced led to a large influx of new players and an incredibly active player base. All of these new crewmates, or impostors, can take on a variety of appearances thanks to the numerous hats, masks, and color options available in customization; not to mention, the various pets they can bring with. It’s not often that a cosmetic combination is seen twice, giving each astronaut a distinctive feel along with their name. However, for those looking for a little extra diversity to spice up their game, there’s a way to add more outfits to the game.

Related: Best Among Us Wallpaper Space Backgrounds for PC/Desktop

Custom skins allow players to masquerade as anything

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Santa Claus to come to Appleton despite no Christmas Parade | WFRV Local 5

Emilee Geist

APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) – The COVID-19 public health emergency won’t keep Santa Claus from coming to town.

While the coronavirus has canceled the 2020 Downtown Appleton Christmas Parade, organizers say a special guest will make multiple stops to the city.

“Santa Claus is Coming to Appleton” will start on Tuesday, Nov. 24. Every Tuesday evening until Christmas, Santa’s float – accompanied by Appleton Police and Fire Department vehicles – will visit a defferent section of the city from 5:30 to 8 p.m.

Thanks to the City’s GIS team, Appleton residents can see Santa’s tour dates and routes as well
as track his progress online. Follow the big guy on Appleton’s Santa Tracker. Check the online map to see when Santa will visit your part of town.

Santa will visit these areas of Appleton on the following dates:

  • East: Nov. 24
  • Southeast: Dec. 1
  • West:
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Project Delayed? Materials Shortages Slow Remodeling and Development

Emilee Geist

This past summer, when
Karen Pearse
was asked to supply a special marble from China for a project in the Hamptons on Long Island, she had to tell the architect that the cost would be at least 30% higher than last year and take twice as long to arrive.

“We used this beautiful marble, which is unusual because it could be used next to the ocean. A lot of types of marble can’t be around salt because it can get damaged,,” said
Ms. Pearse
, owner of
Karen Pearse Global
Direct in New York City, a distributor of high-end materials for developers, architects and designers. “But tariffs on Chinese marble went from 4.9% to 30% in the past year and everything takes longer now, too.”

In that case, the homebuyer and the architect opted to pay more money and wait longer to get the marble they wanted. The decision the

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L.A. Times Wins OJA Feature Award for ‘Rise of the Dancefluencer’

Emilee Geist

The Los Angeles Times has won an OJA award for its “Rise of the Dancefluencers” project, which was recognized for 2020 Feature in the Large Newsroom category.

This award “honors excellence in online journalism presented in a single package or story that shows significant depth, insight and new understanding of a story or topic.” The award was presented by the Online News Association (ONA) in a virtual ceremony on Friday, Oct. 16.

OJA Winner 2020

“Rise of the Dancefluencers” looks at how dancers who were once deemed too fringe because of their look, shape or style have broken through in the world of commercial dance — and are reshaping the kind of talent you see in music videos, at concerts, in movies and on TV.

The project was reported and written by Times Arts and Culture Reporter Makeda Easter, with story design produced by Vanessa Martínez with assistance from Alex Tatusian.

The accompanying

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Opinion | Prince George’s plan to build schools will help students and the community

Emilee Geist

For example, all schools must be delivered no later than July 15, 2024, or the developer will be subject to liquidated damages for each day that they are delayed; a design-build reserve account will be in place for the developer to access should there be cost overruns or unforeseen charges. This is not additional money; it has been built into their availability payment.

Additionally, Prince George’s County Public Schools doesn’t make a single payment until 50 percent of the total design-build costs have been spent by the developer. That incentivizes the developer to proceed deliberately and expeditiously to deliver the schools on time. These are just a few of the safeguards under the contract to ensure the project proceeds on schedule; however, the school system’s procurement process and the underlying intent of the public-private partnership is and has been available for public review online since last year.

This agreement also

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PS5’s Fan Will Be Optimised in Future Online Updates

Emilee Geist

The PS5’s cooling fan will be optimized in future firmware updates, depending on how hot or cool future games cause the console’s processing unit to become.

In an interview with (translated by orzkare on ResetEra), PS5 Mechanical and Thermal Design Engineer Yasuhiro Ootori revealed that Sony plans to update the fan based on the effects upcoming games have on the console’s APU. The APU, or Accelerated Processing Unit, is the chip that powers the PS5 – it’s a hybrid CPU/GPU.

“Various games will be released in the future, and data on the APU’s behaviour in each game will be collected. We have a plan to optimize the fan control based on this data,” says Ootori.

Ootori also notes that there are three temperature sensors on the console’s mainboard and another sensor within the APU itself. All of the above will be used to control the fan speed, based on

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Tesla’s Network Goes Out And Shows A Design Flaw

Emilee Geist

High off the buzz (or lack of it) from yesterday’s “Battery Day” Tesla
suffered a computer network and system outage the next day which left customers unable to connect to cars, sales orders to not be placed, and perhaps most disturbing, according to one customer report, drivers unable to charge at superchargers. A driver in an online forum reported: “I got a pop up on my screen saying my supercharging accessibility has been stopped due to suddenly having no payment method. I’ve been trying to add my credit card back onto my account but it’s not working.” The driver’s account was fine and had charged earlier in the day, but he could not re-add a card and was unable to charge.

Other reports of

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