Anatomy: the Triceps Brachii

Normally, all from small hallucinate with a strong arm and the kids always do competitions to see who has more “molla”. This “molla” is the biceps. The muscle more aesthetic quintessential arm due to the ball shapes it adopts when it contracts. 

However, the arm is not only biceps. Just on the opposite side to this muscle, there is another, even bigger than the biceps, known as Triceps. A few large biceps always give many integers which possess them. This muscle is a three-headed, with a horseshoe shape in contraction mode. This muscle may not be the most attractive of the arm. However, when someone wants to look a good triceps, gasps people, because of the large treasures.

Triceps Brachii
Triceps Brachii

Being relaxed, the arm that has no triceps highly developed, tends to be very smooth, while the well-trained that muscle, growth receives “backwards” that adds immense volume arm.

Your arms, never be complete if you develop a good triceps. Moreover, the shape adopted in very large biceps and triceps few small, will be highly anti aesthetics. This muscle is composed of three heads: long and the vast, internally and externally.

The upper part is one that ends inserted in the scapula by the vastus lateralis at the rear of the humerus and the vastus medialis in the same site. Despite its name, triceps, not to be confused with biceps brachii, which is that portion located on the side of the arm and dividing both antagonistic muscles. Its main function is to elbow extensor through a tendon, as with regard to the shoulder, which serves as a link when extended.

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