All of Tesla’s 2021 Model Year Updates

Emilee Geist

After some clues hinting at updates to Tesla’s Model 3 and Model X, Tesla today made the changes official in their online design studio. The changes weren’t limited to the Model 3 and Model X, however. All vehicles in Tesla’s lineup have been changed.

The Model 3 was most impacted—gaining range, improved acceleration, and an updated interior. One source within Tesla confirmed that the Model 3 now utilizes a heat pump, a feature Tesla first introduced on the Model Y.

The table below contains all of the known changes. 

Screen Shot 2020-10-16 at 7.08.44 PM

Electrek has reported on a heated steering wheel for the Model 3 but other sources have yet to confirm.

Across the lineup, Tesla has improved range by 6% on average. The only vehicle trim that did not receive an increase to range was Tesla’s Long Range Model S, the company’s longest-range offering.

While it’s tough to make sense of exactly what is driving the range increases for each variant, Panasonic was reportedly expecting roughly 5% improvements in their Giga Nevada-produced battery cells beginning in September. Those cells are used in Tesla’s Model Y and Model 3, while the cells used in the Model S and Model X have been sourced from Japan facilities historically.

For more on Tesla’s updates, please see the included video and be sure to follow Tesla Daily on The Street.

Disclosure: Rob Maurer is long Tesla stock and derivatives.

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