Aerobics: Run to Lose Weight

Everyone knows that running is a simple way to remove upper weight and strengthen your muscles, however, like everything in life has run its techniques to manage their benefits are noticed more quickly.

Running is a sport that offers many rewards; it is effective for weight loss, regulates blood pressure, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and helps control stress. The basic recommendations for running, and so lose weight are the following:

1. Have a good shoe:

Therefore you should check that the inside of tennis is very flexible, so as not to hinder the bending of the foot. In addition, the back should cushion the heel strike the ground at the same time must be hard on the sides to contain the lateral displacements. The sole should be higher in the rear than the previous to facilitate the work of the Achilles tendon.

2. The place to run:

The ideal place to run is in a regular soil and not too hard as a plain. If you live in town and do not have access to a site with these features, then choose a street where cars pass occasionally.

3. A medical checkup before running:

Before you start practicing your races, you should get a medical checkup to rule out any heart condition that prevents you from running.

4. The need to warm up before running:

It is critical that run before and after you perform a warm-up session as jogging slowly and effortlessly.

5. How to start running:

It is best to start running in periods of 30 minutes at a pace that allows you to have a conversation, do not you step up the training until your body has adjusted, so you avoid injury.

6. Never run well:

Never run tip because the impact of the foot against the ground is harder, this negatively affects the joints of the foot and knee.

7. Running posture:

The trunk should be centered to facilitate breathing. Try not to get the chest and keep your head still. As for the arms it is best to take forward and backward.

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