Abs on Fitball

When working the abdominals are many people who make the slackers and are leaving for another day of fear the effort and discomfort that often involves the use of certain exercise machines designed to work in this part of the body. We at this time we will stop in an exercise that will take place with the swiss ball or fitball. A different and alternative work when the abdominal wall.

To perform this exercise simply need a Swiss ball and body, yes, we must have some notion prior to the time of working the abdomen as well as some strength in this part of the body, as it is not an exercise simple, because we need to maintain balance throughout the same, and this we will do with our full abdomen. With this exercise we will present the work she will have the abdominal wall along the entire exercise.

Attaching the fitball

To perform this exercise simply what we do is put the fitball on the ground in a place where you can slide with ease, since the exercise will focus on the same slip over our legs. After placing the ball on the ground, what we will do is put your feet on the outer face or work the ball forward so that our body is parallel and looking down, and supported with the palms of the hands and arms slightly apart and stretched.

Concentration in the abdominal wall

To put us in this position will see that the abdominal wall tension accumulates and is contracted throughout the exercise, as it will be the point of tension and strength throughout the duration of this activity. The hands and arms will keep them fixed to the ground and the upper trunk, which should only build tension, as mentioned. The part of the body that acts will be the legs.

Placement of the legs

Both legs will remain supported on the fitball, so that they are fully stretched. The feet are arched so that with them and shin are in direct contact with the ball.

In this way, maintaining completely motionless the trunk and we will shrink the legs trying to carry the knees to the chest without separating the legs of the ball and causing it to rotate and revolve while the legs do the tour when we want to play with them chest. This tour will do ten or twelve times over four series to start, and gradually increase the amount.

Keep your legs resting on the fitball is the best way to concentrate the abdominal wall tension while allowing us to perform the movement without which it would be possible to perform this exercise. It is therefore very important to follow the movement and maintain good posture throughout the entire development. It is true that we can fitball other exercises, but this will work the entire abdominal wall almost complete.

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